Getting Real (Fictionally, of Course)


Comedian Jim Gaffigan recently launched his very own sitcom titled, perhaps a bit uncreatively, The Jim Gaffigan Show. It’s on TV Land, and the show’s gotten all sorts of attention. I reviewed it earlier this week, and while it has its share of problems, I have to say I enjoyed parts of it. Not just […]

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The Screen-Time Battle Begins With You


How do we set and keep reasonable and appropriate screen-time limits for our children? With the proliferation of screens everywhere—largely due to the explosion of smartphone and tablet usage in the last few years—this is a pressing question for many parents. But what if the answer begins not with our kids, but with us, not […]

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Ant-Man Makes Large(ish) Splash


Superheroes don’t get much smaller than Ant-Man. But the guy still made a big impact. Like one of those six-legged critters that can lift lemons over their waving antennae, Ant-Man hoisted an estimated $58 million and skittered away with it, all the way back to Disney’s increasingly palatial offices. Granted, Ant-Man’s opening gross fell a […]

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Mom’s ‘Extreme’ Movie Advice to Son is Right On


What would you do if your teen wanted to see the recent movie Pitch Perfect 2? Author and blogger Glennon Doyle Melton said yes to her son Chase’s request to see the movie. But she didn’t want her son to be just a passive viewer, so her yes was a conditional one. And the conditions […]

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Doctor Who and our Changing Culture


As Plugged In’s resident television reviewer, I am often asked by hypothetical people, “Paul, with all the TV that you have to watch for work, what do you watch for fun?” I always tell these hypothetical people that I never watch television for fun. Television should always be educational and enriching and very serious business. […]

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I’ve Got to Copyright My What?


We live in a strange age, ladies and gents. It’s a time of Snapchat, selfie sticks and smartphones that come packing multi-megapixel cameras and infrared sensors. Sadly, this is also an age of something called “Revenge Porn.” Now, if you have absolutely no idea what that is (lucky you), it’s essentially nonconsensual pornography. Say, for […]

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Minions Bag Jurassic World


At the beginning of the movie Minions, our capsule-shaped protagonists accidentally dispatch their first boss ever—the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, king of the dinosaurs. And now, it seems, fictional animated history repeats itself. Universal’s Minions rumbled to a phenomenal $115.2 million estimated weekend, chucking Jurassic World into the pool of box office-afterthought lava. It nearly set […]

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Jurassic World Terminates Genisys, Magic Mike


Tired of dinosaurs yet? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Neither is the movie-going public. For the fourth straight weekend, Jurassic World laid claim to a little mini-epoch and cemented itself as the biggest, baddest, roaringest movie around. Sure, maybe it’s looking a bit long in the tooth these days, earning a mere $30.9 million. But […]

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