Send Me In Coach, I Play Video Games


Let me distract you from the agonies and ecstasies of the political season for a moment to address an interesting tidbit from the land of gaming. We all know that we live in a video-game-friendly world. And as gaming systems have gotten more powerful and game creation has become more nuanced, we cheery button-crunchers can’t […]

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The “Nintendo Switch” Console Could Actually Be Good for Your Family

Image of the Nintendo Switch logo (Copyright Nintendo 2016)

A Nintendo property is blowing up the Internet… again. Even though it isn’t Pokemon-related, it looks like it could be another game changer. What I’m talking about is the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, which Nintendo hopes will be its comeback in the Sony-and-Microsoft-dominated video game market after the lackluster performance of the Wii U. Why is […]

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See “Fixer Upper’s” Chip and Joanna Gaines Tell Their Story on “I Am Second”

Chip and Joanna Gaines in an episode of "I Am Second"

It’s no secret that Chip and Joanna Gaines, the down-to-earth personalities of HGTVs reality TV show Fixer Upper, are committed Christians. But you probably haven’t heard their story like this. In an interview with I Am Second, the couple opens up and tells the moving story of their faith and their marriage. It is a […]

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Vodcast: Is The Birth of a Nation’s Grittiness Actually a Good Thing?


The new Birth of a Nation movie is rated R, and rightfully so. But its subject matter has us wrestling again with a tricky concept: maybe, just maybe, harsh content can sometimes serve a purpose. The truth of the matter is this: Life—both modern and historical—is not as cut and dry as we like to make […]

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Vodcast: How Messy, Gritty Religion Invades The Magnificent Seven


Villains aren’t the only ones who use faith for less-than-shiny purposes. Sometimes the good guys do it, too. Sometimes we use our faith in ugly ways, like when we use it to justify actions that are entirely self-serving. We may catch ourselves using it as an excuse to do what we want to do. We can all […]

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Down the ‘Portable Rabbit Hole’


There’s a lot of stuff on the internet. But every now and then, I’ll come across something that just flat stops me in my tracks. That happened to me recently with Andrew Sullivan’s New York Magazine article “I Used to Be a Human Being.” The piece’s subtitle spells out Sullivan’s subject matter: “An endless bombardment […]

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Don’t Drill Holes Into Your New iPhone


Apple’s latest iPhone models, the 7 and 7 Plus, were released earlier this month to slightly subdued delirium. Oh, make no mistake: The new gen phone was considered an improvement over the old, what with its longer battery life and better camera and its water resistancy (something I could’ve used two generations earlier when I […]

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