Magnificent Seven Shoots to the Top


A team of fast-talking, sharp-shooting cowboys thundered into dusty, tumbleweed-filled multiplexes across the country—sidling up to the concession stand, demanding popcorn with extra butter and galloping into the sunset with a collective $35 million, according to studio estimates. No one expected less of The Magnificent Seven, a big-budget Western remake headed by the likes of […]

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What Does it Mean to Be Christian … and an Actor?


The Magnificent Seven lands in theaters today, starring Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington and burgeoning superstar Chris Pratt. Next week, another box-office megastar, Mark Wahlberg, will unveil his latest action flick, Deepwater Horizon. All three actors, incidentally, are Christians. “Put God first in everything you do,” Washington recently told the graduating class of Dillard University, a […]

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Sully Soars Again


Neither birds nor Blair Witch nor Bridget Jones’s Baby could sink Sully. The mustachioed captain and his movie stayed aloft above the box office for the second straight weekend. Not too shabby, considering Sully’s real Miracle on the Hudson flight—from bird strike to touchdown—just lasted 208 seconds. And the crown was never in question. Banking […]

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Shining a Light on Ebola and Those Who Serve Its Victims


People often say that, maybe besides someone who samples restaurant food for a living, I have the best job on the planet. When analyzing my position here in Plugged In, these folks are convinced all I do is watch movies and get paid for it. Then when they learn that I, on occasion, get invitations […]

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‘We Want to Help People Think Critically.’ PI’s Adam Holz Talks With MTV


At Plugged In, we talk about culture a lot. We review entertainment. We write these little blogs. We blather on in the occasional vodcast. But it’s a little more rare that we get an opportunity to speak directly to that culture. To chat with some folks who are most directly influenced by the very entertainment […]

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Don’t Breathe Yawns to Second Victory


Summertime is movie time. Air-conditioned theaters beckon bored kids into their cozy, popcorn-encrusted confines with the year’s biggest superhero tentpoles, edge-of-your-seat actioners and family-friendly cartoons. But there’s only so much artificially flavored popcorn and Milk Duds we can eat. And given that this year’s summer movie season started in, oh, about March (with Batman v […]

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Tapping the Christian Movie Marketplace


What do Christians want from Christian movies? It’s a question that Hollywood just doesn’t quite know how to answer just yet. When The Passion of the Christ made gazillions of dollars (well, at least $370.8 million domestically), folks in the entertainment industry fell all over themselves trying to duplicate that success. Scads of explicitly Christian filmmakers […]

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MTV’s 2016 VMAs: Nothing to See Here


The Monday morning after MTV’s Video Music Awards has often been a cultural watercooler moment in a culture that has fewer and fewer of those moments these days. Whether it’s Miley twerking on Robin Thicke (2013), Madonna and Britney kissing (2003) or Madonna’s risqué performance of “Like a Virgin” at the very first VMAs back […]

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Don’t Breathe Does Win


Not even Deadshot can hit the box office bullseye forever. After three straight weeks at No. 1, Suicide Squad and its bevy of bodacious baddies tumbled to the silver medal slot, losing to the suspense horror flick Don’t Breathe. Sure, the thriller’s take wasn’t exactly breathtaking: It earned just an estimated $26.1 million, which would’ve […]

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