Television’s New Crop of Shows Doesn’t Look Too Great So Far


Autumn is when everything outside just seems to … well, die. Crops are harvested. Leaves fall from the trees. Grass turns a bit brown. Cold sets in. It’s a depressing time of year for many (obviously not football fans). Hey, even the sun doesn’t seem to want to stick around as long anymore. So there’s […]

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Dealing With Death in the Digital Age


When I was growing up back in the 1980s, the whispering buzz among my peers would amp up when something particularly transgressive began to infiltrate our collective adolescent consciousness. Often it involved stories of friends who somehow managed to see R-rated movies that, theoretically, they shouldn’t have been seeing. But there was one franchise of […]

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Hotel Transylvania 2 Flaps to September Record


Leave it to an undead hotel manager to inject a little life into the September box office. Dracula and all his comi-creepy cohorts from Hotel Transylvania 2 siphoned an estimated $47.5 million out of moviegoers this weekend—enough entertainment lifeblood to claim a box office win and notch an earnings record for the month of September. […]

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‘This Christianity Thing Could Catch On’


“So it’s not just Kirk Cameron and Stephen Baldwin and the kid from Two and a Half Men.” With A-list stars backing Jesus, who knows? This Christianity thing could catch on.” Those two sentences ended an article that ran in the New York Post back in June. Film critic Kyle Smith had just finished highlighting […]

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Captive: When Being Taken Hostage Changes Your Life Spiritually


In 2005, Brian Nichols escaped from an Atlanta courthouse, broke into Ashley Smith’s apartment and took the woman hostage. He had nothing left to lose. But thanks to Smith and a copy of Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life, he actually had everything to gain. And so, as it turned out, did Smith. The story—the […]

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P!nk Unleashed


P!nk got in touch with her inner Tipper Gore—the woman most responsible for getting parental advisory stickers slapped on music albums—after this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Even though the singer (real name: Alecia Beth Moore) is hardly a stranger to racy, enveloping-pushing songs and videos herself, P!nk didn’t think much at all of this […]

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The Perfect Guy in a Predictable Spot


The weekend’s box office showdown pitted a predictable thriller against the newest effort from M. Night Shyamalan, the one-time cinematic prince of unpredictability. And who won? Well, let’s just say the results were … predictable. The Perfect Guy stalked into the No. 1 slot, becoming the third straight movie with a predominantly black cast to […]

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What Makes a Movie a Success?


There’s never been a movie that appealed to everyone, a motion picture without a single critic. Take two films awarded Best Picture, Chariots of Fire and Braveheart. One Chariots critic went so far as to state that the movie was “an affirmation of clouded and second-hand values—and, as a result, it becomes vulgar.” With Braveheart, […]

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