Vodcast: How Porn and Pop Culture Intertwine


Here’s a surprisingly controversial statement for you: pornography is a problem. There it is. We said it. We mean it. Not only has pornography been linked to what many are beginning to call a public health crisis, it is—in and of itself—a problem. And a big one at that. Pornography and the use of it […]

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What Is Google Trying to Tell Us?


We’re coming up to the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death (May 3). It seemed like a good opportunity to talk about England’s most famous Elizabethan bard, and I was thinking about writing a piece about Shakespeare’s faith: Do his plays and sonnets give us any insight into his spiritual beliefs? Naturally, my first research […]

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What Does the Truth Feel Like?


Every now and then when I’m reviewing music for Plugged In, I’ll come across a lyric from an artist that succinctly encapsulates some aspect of our culture. That happened recently when I reviewed Gwen Stefani’s first new solo album in 10 years, This Is What the Truth Feels Like. Before I talk about the lyric […]

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Jungle Book Torches Contenders


Mowgli learns a little something about fire in his adventures in The Jungle Book. So it’s fitting, I suppose, that the movie itself was a box office scorcher. Sparked by strong reviews and some high-temperature anticipation, Disney’s live-action The Jungle Book burned up the charts with a white-hot $103.6 million (estimated, of course, at this […]

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Are You an Infomaniac?


My kids have probably heard me say this sentence hundreds of times: “I just need to check one more thing.” I’m talking, of course, about the semi-compulsive (or, maybe if I’m being really honest, flat-out compulsive) urge to engage with information almost constantly. I just need to check one more thing, I frequently tell them […]

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Superheroes Beaten Down by Boss?


Superman and Batman are each formidable figures in their own right. Together, they are almost unstoppable. But every once in a while, the two face an adversary so fearsome that it causes even these two caped crimefighters to shake in their form-fitting boots: Doomsday. Eclipso. And now, perhaps, Melissa McCarthy. According to early estimates, McCarthy’s […]

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American Idol’s Faithful (and Flirty) Legacy

Clarkson Final 4

American Idol wrapped up its awe-inspiring 15-season run on Fox last night, crowing a final Idol, Trent Harmon, in an emotional two-hour finale that featured just about everyone who’s ever been anyone on the show. Watching performances from a litany of former Idols who’ve legitimately become pop culture idols reinforced just how successful the show […]

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A Former Adult Film Star’s Difficult Lessons


Former pornography star Bree Olson—who’s also known for her stint as one of actor Charlie Sheen’s former “goddesses”—left the adult film world behind in 2011. But five years later, the now 29-year-old still struggles profoundly with the stigma of the onscreen work she pursued beginning at age 19. In fact, she’s not sure if she’ll […]

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Batman v Superman Soars to Second Straight Win


Everyone knew that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was going to win last weekend’s box office battle. This big-budget behemoth went relatively unchallenged its opening weekend (no offense, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2). But in light of its mostly critical reviews, would it have the muscle to win again? Well, the results are […]

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Your Personal Plugged In Entertainment Appliance


For about 25 years now, Plugged In has done its best to help you walk through the strange, exciting and sometimes perilous world of entertainment. Through seminars, newsletters, magazines, radio programs, TV snippets, websites, mobile apps and online videos, we’ve tried to give your family the tools to make wise entertainment choices. But there’s always […]

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