Elderly Man Challenges Dude Perfect to Epic Trick Shot Battle


I have something of an affinity for trick shots. Which is partly why I have an affinity for Dude Perfect. (You may recall that I interviewed their Bearded Guy earlier this year.) I also dig Adventures in Odyssey.* Which is why I’m kinda geeking out over this video that has surfaced from the Adventures in […]

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Spectre Lives Another Day


Thought that James Bond’s newest movie couldn’t top the box office for a second straight week? Never say never again, people. The world’s most famous secret agent used his gold finger to climb to the top again, renewing Spectre‘s license to make a killing. Spectre rolled another strike with its thunderball, earning an estimated $35.4 […]

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The 33: Rescued Both Physically and Spiritually in the Mine


Most of us can vividly recall being glued to our television sets on Oct. 13, 2010. It was on that day that 33 Chilean miners who had been trapped 2,300 feet underground for 69 days were miraculously hoisted to safety, one at a time, encapsulated in what looked like a gigantic, steel bullet. The movie, […]

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The Hunger Games a Game No More


The grand, bloody finale of The Hunger Games series—The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2—will plant its flag in theaters next week. Some have wondered how the movie will stay within the PG-13 rating, given how wrenching the book is, and I’m anticipating that it’ll be difficult for me to sit through. Which, I think, […]

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The State of Teens, Tweens and Screens


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice how screen and media time continues to grow for so many of us, young and old, these days. Televisions, computers, e-readers, tablets and smartphones offer unprecedented opportunities to engage in all manner of entertainment media. But just how much of this entertainment do our teens and tweens […]

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The Costs of Marijuana Legalization: A Colorado Snapshot


My children will grow up in a city with marijuana stores on what sometimes seems like every corner. Since Colorado legalized medical marijuana dispensaries back in 2006, a blooming industry in legal pot has blossomed—an industry that’s only continued to expand with the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2014. Even though Colorado Springs has said […]

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Death to Comments: The Problem With the War on Flame Wars

Death to Comments: The Problem with the War on Flame Wars

The Internet, if you haven’t noticed, is something of a breeding ground for divisive opinions. If there is an opinion to be had and held in this world, you can be sure someone is having and holding it online… and defending it with the passion and zeal of a mama grizzly.  And that’s putting it […]

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