Beauty Still a Beast at the Box Office


It’s Belle and Beast’s world. The rest of the movies in theaters this weekend? They just live in it.

Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast proved to be a monster in its second weekend, raking in an estimated $88.3 million domestically. If that sounds like a lot of money, it is: Only three other films have had bigger sophomore frames: Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World and The Avengers. In just 10 days in theaters, the film starring Emma Watson has earned a whopping $317 million in North America, and another $373.3 million overseas, for a cool total of $690.3 million.

Did I mention it’s only been in theaters 10 days? I think it’s safe to say we can expect more Disney live-action relaunches in the future.

Coming in at No. 2 was another nostalgia title aimed at the children of the ’90s (and the children they might have now), Saban’s Power Rangers. Despite an edgier, grittier PG-13 approach to rebooting this popular franchise, Power Rangers managed to dig up $40.5 million.

Two competing monster flicks, one featuring a massive simian and another a particularly nasty single-celled organism, slotted into positions 3 and 4. Kong: Skull Island fell to No. 3 with an estimated take of $14.4 million. Meanwhile, newcomer Life—a sci-fi horror mash-up that might more accurately have been titled Death—generated a rather lifeless $12.6 million despite starring A-listers Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Rounding out the Top 5 was a beast of still a different variety, Marvel’s Logan. This R-rated tale of the man once known as Wolverine managed to skewer another $10.1 million, pushing the pic over the $200 million mark in its four weeks in theaters.

The weekend’s other wide-release fared poorly. CHiPs, was, uh, down. This raunchy reboot of NBC’s popular ’70s buddy cop show of the same name could only arrest $7.6 million. Meanwhile, Slamma Jamma, an inspiring PG basketball flick, failed to generate much March Madness of its own, taking in just $1.7 million on about 500 screens.


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Adam R. Holz is a senior associate editor for Plugged In. He also writes for Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse magazine and has been a Boundless contributor. In his free time (which there is sometimes precious little of) Adam enjoys playing guitar and constructing LEGO kits with his son. Adam and his wife, Jennifer, are the proud parents, in fact, of three children, one boy and two girls.

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Julienne Dy More than 1 year ago
So, I haven't seen Power Rangers yet, and I probably never will, but I really want to know this.  Was it as severely lacking in fun and color as I thought it was going to be?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

Not at all! I just got back from seeing the movie and it was GREAT!

I was told by a good Christian friend of mine who saw the movie relieved me when he told me there wasn't a gay moment in the film, so I decided to go see it.

Aside from the opening prologue, the movie isn't really dark; it actually contains a lot of witty humor! Some of which is downright hilarious!

It's a more grounded superhero film that also includes plenty of humor, and in the end is really enjoyable. I highly recommend it!