Eduardo Verástegui Talks About Faith, Little Boy and the Power of Media


The New York Times ran “nearly 900 film reviews in 2013,” according to the Times itself. That’s not quite three films per day, but it’s getting close. With that huge number of motion pictures being made each year (and certainly the Times didn’t review every one), it might surprise you to know that Focus on […]

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Ant-Man: A Tiny Lesson From a Tiny Superhero


So, the new trailer for Marvel’s newest superhero movie, Ant-Man, has just arrived on YouTube. And with 4 million views and climbing fast at the time of this post, the response has been … well, big. After watching another Marvel superhero, Daredevil, take a dark turn over on Netflix this week, it’s nice to see Ant-Man take […]

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Insurgent Conquers Box Office


In the Divergent franchise, people typically fill one of five primary factions: Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite. But this weekend, another faction was in play—one that changed everything: Opulent. OK, so technically Tris, Four et al are members of the Divergent faction (which makes sense, given the name of the series and all). But […]

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Chappie Chugs to Championship, Chump Change


Chappie, Neill Blomkamp’s emotional robot, learned another particularly human lesson this weekend: What it feels like to win for losing. While Chappie took the weekend’s box office crown, it did so in the most dispiriting way possible, collecting a tiny $13.3 million (estimated, of course) in a super-slow weekend at the Megaplex. Why, that’s barely […]

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