Culture Clips: The Most Dangerous TV Show?


Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is nearly a month old, but you wouldn’t know it  from the buzz.  The teen drama triggered more than 11 million tweets during its first three weeks of release, making it 2017’s most tweeted-about show.  But while 13 Reasons has been pretty popular with the 18-and-under set, don’t count everyone as […]

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Culture Clips: Stars & Spirituality


What does it take to break an addiction? Singer, actress and former Disney star Demi Lovato recently shared some thoughts on that subject on her Instagram account. Among other factors, she said that her relationship with God played an integral part in the process of breaking bad behavioral chains. Lovato wrote, “So grateful. It’s been […]

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What Do People in the Flyover States Want in a Movie?


I once heard someone say that the last thing God “saves” in a Christian’s walk is his/her politics. I’m not sure about that. I think it’s his/her entertainment choices. Even within red-blooded, minivan driving, PTO attending, Red Cross supporting, apple pie eating, flag waving America, there’s a big disagreement as to what constitutes a “conservative […]

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Would You Adopt 16 Kids?: Facing Darkness Film


What would you do if someone dropped a child off at your house in hopes that you’d adopt? What about five children? What about 16? And would it make any difference if all those kids were relatives? That’s about what happened to Liberian native Joseph Gbembo who I met when I was in Foya, Liberia, […]

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Vodcast: Navigating Beauty and the Beast


Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast has a lot going for it, at least on paper: It’s a new, updated version of a beloved classic. It stars the effervescent Emma Watson. And it’s rated PG. Families will flock to the thing, right? And in truth, a lot of them will. But many Christian parents aren’t […]

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