The Little Mermaid Turns 25 (Which Is a Few Years Younger Than the Garden of Eden)

The Little Mermaid opened nationally in theaters 25 years ago Monday (Nov. 17). It proved to be a pretty significant day in the annals of animated filmdom, marking not just the beginning of Disney’s fabled renaissance (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King followed hot on the Mermaid’s scaly heels) but also an […]

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Introducing … Movie Nights! (Though Somehow That Seems Like a Familiar Name)

A couple of weeks ago, online journalist/blogger Martyn Wendall Jones of Christ & Pop Culture shared what he called a “found poem” composed entirely of lines from Plugged In movie reviews. Here’s an excerpt: John is injected with a drug that renders him unconscious.A small group of twentysomethings seems to be high.We see the hole in […]

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‘I Didn’t Even Notice’

The Entertainment We Consume Becomes a Part of Who We Are

Not long ago, someone sent me an article by the Rev. Craig Groeschel (senior pastor of titled “What’s the Big &%#*! Deal about Profanity?” What impressed me about the article was how eloquently he discussed the need for Christians to be discerning when it comes to their entertainment. For me, it was like reading […]

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