Is It Possible to Unplug Anymore? Even on Vacation?


Ah, vacations. A time to unplug, unwind and get away from our frazzled, workaday, always online world. Only apparently, we don’t. According to a survey conducted by Intel Security, most of us still check emails, post funny videos on Facebook and do, well, pretty much everything we do online when we’re at home or work. […]

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The Idol Boogie of Tussauds


Sometimes I think that we Americans have the impression that our fascination with celebrities is a relatively new thing. Some youngsters out there may believe that Kim Kardashian herself invented the concept of seeing celebrities as simultaneously human and botoxed demigod. But, nope, the fact is we humans have been idol-prone for a very, very […]

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What Is Google Trying to Tell Us?


We’re coming up to the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death (May 3). It seemed like a good opportunity to talk about England’s most famous Elizabethan bard, and I was thinking about writing a piece about Shakespeare’s faith: Do his plays and sonnets give us any insight into his spiritual beliefs? Naturally, my first research […]

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Are You an Infomaniac?


My kids have probably heard me say this sentence hundreds of times: “I just need to check one more thing.” I’m talking, of course, about the semi-compulsive (or, maybe if I’m being really honest, flat-out compulsive) urge to engage with information almost constantly. I just need to check one more thing, I frequently tell them […]

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Your Personal Plugged In Entertainment Appliance


For about 25 years now, Plugged In has done its best to help you walk through the strange, exciting and sometimes perilous world of entertainment. Through seminars, newsletters, magazines, radio programs, TV snippets, websites, mobile apps and online videos, we’ve tried to give your family the tools to make wise entertainment choices. But there’s always […]

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The Robot Secret Is Out


Robots, robots, robots. I’ve got to admit that ever since I was a kid, I’ve been really interested in robots. I’ve devoured robot short stories and novels, picked up random robot comics and watched tons of the-bots-are-among-us movies and TV shows. And even really weak cinematic automaton rampages with terrible animatronics haven’t kept me from […]

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Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Phone


IKEA, those clever Swedish furniture makers who have convinced us all to make our own furniture, are getting creative again. Their latest invention: A table that somehow cooks soup via your smartphone. Well, not your smartphone. Not unless you live in Taiwan and frequent the IKEA store there. And, of course, you’ve got to be […]

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