Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Jonas


Peoplemagcover.jpgA weary roll of the eyes and shake of the head. That’s my typical reaction to supermarket tabloids and shallow fan mags trumpeting the latest celebrity wedding.

It’s not because these cleverly nicknamed bride-and-groom tandems (can we stop with the Tomkats, Bennifers and Brangelinas already?) celebrate their nuptials with gaudy excess and guest lists that read like a Golden Globes ballot. Hey, they’re entitled to choose their friends. And if they want to spend the gross national product of Guam on a party, so be it. What breaks my heart is knowing that, based on the track record of celebrity marriages, most of these high-profile partnerships are destined to fail because they’re built on foundations of Jell-O.  

So it might surprise you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading People magazine’s recent cover story about 22-year-old pop star Kevin Jonas’ marriage to his “best friend,” Danielle Deleasa: His Brooks Brothers tux. Her Vera Wang gown. How he sent his real-life Cinderella a pair of glass slippers (in her size) just before the ceremony. The tears. The toasts. The first dance. I loved it all.

Why did I suddenly become such a softie who couldn’t wait to share the colorful photo spread with my 12-year-old daughter? Because it’s obvious that the blushing couple and their proud families understand the eternal significance of marriage. This wasn’t an impulsive stunt or shrewd career move. Kevin and Danielle were raised in Christian homes, healthy environments that, according to her mom, were remarkably similar. And the ceremony was performed by Kevin’s dad, an ordained minister who also happened to be Danielle’s childhood pastor.

Does any of that guarantee a successful marriage? No, but it sure improves the odds, especially by showbiz standards.

On his wedding day, Kevin said he realized that the vow he was about to take would forever change his life and relationships, including the longtime bond with his musical brothers, Joe and Nick. You remember the Jonas Brothers; they’re the band that comedian Russell Brand mocked during a 2008 MTV awards show for their abstinence pledge. Brand’s comments made headlines, as did the immediate response by singer Jordin Sparks, who defended the boys onstage. Fittingly, Sparks was also on hand Dec. 19 to hear Kevin and Danielle recite the pledge that would make all of that waiting worthwhile.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago

Comment by  Coram_Deo:

I try to turn my eyes away from those magazines while waiting in line at the grocery store, but this magazine cover caught my eye.  It's good to see someone high profile promoting God's way.  May the Lord bless and keep them in their marriage.  A scripture comes to my mind concerning this magazine cover: "Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth."  -Proverbs 5:18

Anonymous More than 1 year ago

Comment by  Ted_Slater:

I appreciate your take on this, Bob, and your lack of cynicism. Over the past year I've come to respect the Jonas brothers -- their music, their TV show, their convictions. I, too, am moved by Kevin and Danielle's wedding. Congrats to the bride and groom!