Ginormous Win for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Baby Groot

It wasn’t even close.

OK, so it wasn’t exactly a surprise that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 found a wormhole to the top of the box office. Everyone knew that Chris Pratt’s newest flick was going to be big. But the fact that they made every other movie look like a space-cruising Yugo operating on impulse power? That might’ve raised a few eyebrows.

Marvel’s motley band of do-gooders collected $145 million in its first weekend. It made for the year’s second-biggest domestic debut (behind Beauty and the Beast’s $174.8 million) and put it light years ahead of what the original Guardians managed ($94.3 million in its first weekend in 2014). But that doesn’t tell the full story of Vol. 2′s box office dominance: For every five dollars spent on movie tickets this weekend, nearly four went to Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket, et al., leaving the rest to squabble over around, say, $1.10 or so. Yeah, that kind of dominance has gotta be good for the ol’ Ego.

Not wanting their own films to be trounced by the superhero behemoth, studios kept the weekend clear of any big releases, making space for Vol. 2′s utter galactic dominance. As such, a bunch of holdovers fill out the rest of the Top Five.

Three-time box-office champ The Fate of the Furious finished second, banking $8.5 million. That brings Fate’s total North American haul to $207.1 million, good enough for third place for the year (behind Beauty and the Beast and Logan). ‘Course, the movie has made most of its money overseas: Its global gross now stands a little below $1.2 billion.

The Boss Baby continues to thrive in a changing marketplace, earning $6.2 million in its sixth weekend of work for a third-place finish. How to be a Latin Lover landed in fourth place with $5.3. million.

Speaking of Beauty and the Beast, Disney’s now long-in-the-tooth monster continues to pack on the pounds—and dollars, and euros, and yen, and galactic credits (probably). It earned another $4.9 million this weekend, giving it $487.6 million for the year. (It’s also closing in on $1.2 billion globally.) And in the strangely burgeoning genre of “classic Disney animated movies remade into live-action flicks,” Beauty is the most successful yet—besting last year’s The Jungle Book. Sorry, Mowgli. But at least you know how to make fire now!

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Paul Asay has been writing for Plugged In since 2007 and loves superheroes and finding God in unexpected places. In addition, Paul has also written several books, with his newest—Burning Bush 2.0—recently published by Abingdon Press. When Paul’s not reviewing movies, he hikes with his wife, Wendy, runs marathons with his grown kids, Colin and Emily, and beats back unruly houseplants. Follow him on Twitter @AsayPaul.

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charitysplace More than 1 year ago
Baby!Groot is ALMOST cute enough to make me care about this movie.

Or not.
library_girl More than 1 year ago
So the review of Vol 2 here on Plugged In says "Gamora, the green warrior, at least knew her father; but alas, the guy's kind of a jerk."

But I thought Gamora had been taken as a child by Thanos and trained to be a warrior, and that she too had been separated from her family at a young age? It's been a while since I saw the first one, but I thought that's the scenario it set up. Am I misremembering?
Inkfeather1 . More than 1 year ago
No, you're remembering right. I think they meant that Thanos was the closest thing to a father she knew, so they just call him that :) (Or they might have not remembered that detail, either way, you are correct).
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

So I saw Guardians Vol. 2 the other night and while it was a lot of fun to watch, I definitely agree with a lot of the critics when they said that the first movie was better. I loved the first Guardians because of how it wasn't just funny, but also heartfelt. This sequel just felt like a lifeless roller coaster; really fun to experience, but in the end I left the movie feeling kinda empty.

If I were to rank the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I'd probably go something like this:
1. Captain America: The First Avenger (10/10)
2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (9.5/10)
3. Guardians of the Galaxy (9.3/10)
4. The Avengers (9/10)
5. Doctor Strange (8.8/10)
6. Thor (8.7/10)
7. Iron Man (8.2/10)
8. Avengers: Age of Ultron (8/10)
9. Captain America: Civil War (7.8/10)
10. Antman (7.6/10)
11. Thor: The Dark World (7.5/10)
12. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (6.5/10)
13. Iron Man 3 (6/10)
14. Iron Man 2 (2.5/10)

I left out The Incredible Hulk because I still haven't seen it yet.
Julienne Dy More than 1 year ago
I haven't watched most of these movies, but based on the ones that I have watched, your ranked list, and your opening statement, I think the a lot of the later MCU movies are just missing the heart, tenderness, and care that the earlier movies had.
Inkfeather1 . More than 1 year ago
I actually think they have gotten better in recent years. Some of the older ones were just boring (like Thor and the Captain America: The First Avenger), but it's all a matter of opinion :). I would recommend that you watch them before making a judgement (even if you're bored by some of them, it's still well worth it) 
Julienne Dy More than 1 year ago
I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it, but I've only seen 4 out of all those movies.  However, two of those movies were Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, and I found that Age of Ultron had a bit less emotional oomph compared to the first movie and a lot more whiplashingly fast action sequences.  I'm the type of personal who prefers emotional stories over action scenes, so maybe that's why I came to that conclusion.  Also, Thor was awesome.
Inkfeather1 . More than 1 year ago
Thor wasn't terrible, it's just the only times I really was entertained was when Loki was onscreen. I personally watch for the characters I like, and if I don't like a character (Like Captain America) then a movie with just them in it isn't going to entertain me. But if I do like a character, than their movies are always going to be emotional for me as I watch what happens to them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

I'm curious as to why you don't like Captain America. Personally, I think that he's this generation's version of Superman, and that the current Superman should be taking inspiration from Cap.

Do you not like him because he's too much of a boyscout, or just don't find him interesting?
Inkfeather1 . More than 1 year ago
Idk why the site isn't letting me respond directly to First Comment Guy below :( but this is in response to his comment.

First off, I've never liked Superman either xD But secondly, I don't hate Cap, he's just boring compared to the other characters around him. The only time he seems to have a personality is when he's arguing with Tony, and I'm usually on Tony's side when that happens :/ 

If you've got examples of more personality than that, I'm willing to hear them because I don't hate Cap, he's a good guy. But from my perspective, that's really all he's got going for him.