Alien Invades No. 1


The Guardians of the Galaxy have taken on some pretty tough hombres. They’ve conquered interdimensional beasties and egomaniacal warlords, gold-skinned warriors and really cranky relatives. But one alien has their number—for this weekend, at least. In a tight battle for supremacy, Alien: Covenant squeaked by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to face-hug the weekend’s […]

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Guardians Flies, Arthur Sinks Like a Stone


Well, that didn’t take long. Summer starts early in Hollywood—the first week of May, generally. That’s when movie studios start pushing what they hope to be their biggest, best, most lucrative productions, when theaters are saturated with superheroes, Transformers and pirates. But not every summertime flick succeeds. The season is just two weeks old, but […]

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