Guardians Flies, Arthur Sinks Like a Stone


Well, that didn’t take long. Summer starts early in Hollywood—the first week of May, generally. That’s when movie studios start pushing what they hope to be their biggest, best, most lucrative productions, when theaters are saturated with superheroes, Transformers and pirates. But not every summertime flick succeeds. The season is just two weeks old, but […]

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Kong King of the Box Office


Hollywood’s largest primate didn’t monkey around this weekend. Kong: Skull Island stomped, smashed and roared its way to the top of the box office heap, rumbling past all comers and putting its bloody handprint on the weekend’s championship. The silverback banked an estimated 61 million greenbacks en route to the win, proving that moviedom’s most enduring, […]

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Lighter Batman Spoils Darker Debut (at Least in North America)


Everything snapped into place for The LEGO Batman Movie. The animated click—er, flick built itself an estimated $55.6 million take (presumably out of tile-shaped 100-dollar bills and tiny gold coins) to top the North American box office this weekend. And while Batman didn’t earn quite as much out of the gate as 2014’s The LEGO […]

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Why Do Christian Films Bomb? (No, Really?)


Much to the surprise of Hollywood, The Passion of the Christ took in an earth-shattering $370.8 million domestically back in 2004 when it was released, cueing Hollywood into the huge, economic power of Christian moviegoers. The Passion was the fifth top-grossing film globally that year ($612 million), beating out the likes of Troy, Shark Tale […]

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