Culture Clips: If You Can’t Beat a Shark, Jump It


Each summer, Discovery Channel faces a unique programming challenge: making its “Shark Week” programming feel fresh. That’s no small challenge, given the fact that this annual ode to dorsal fins and sharp teeth has been airing since 1988. This year, the cable network began teasing one of its sharkiest gambits yet: pitting Olympic swimming legend […]

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A Tool for Evaluating Your Children’s Screen Time

A child looking at a tablet.

We hear a lot about the hazard of excessive screen these days. For ourselves. For our kids. The American Academy of Pediatrics refined its recommendations for children’s screen time last October. For babies below the age of 18 months, the AAP suggests no screens at all. Between that milestone and 2 years, screens can be […]

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Sorry, WikiLeaks. The CIA Doesn’t Need Our TVs to Get to Know Us


The CIA can spy on us through our televisions and phones. At least that’s what a huge cache of leaked documents recently published on WikiLeaks alleges. That’s right: While there’s no evidence they’re using these tools on us, the CIA apparently has the means to surveil what we say and do at any given moment. […]

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Culture Clips: Parents Worried About Kids’ Screen Time (But They Use Screens Just as Much)


Just call this the “log in your own eye” edition of culture clips. Parents worry a lot about how much time their children and teens spend watching screens. But according to a new report, moms and dads spend an average of nine hours a day with their own screens. “We’re not trying to make parents […]

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