‘Dirty Deeds’ (Almost) Done for Real


An ongoing controversy in the 1980s revolved around whether certain rock bands’ music inspired isolated, unstable listeners to commit heinous crimes. Perhaps the highest-profile of these cases was that of convicted serial killer Richard Ramirez. Ramirez, who came to be known as the “Night Stalker,” was convicted in 1989 for the murder of 13 people […]

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‘I Didn’t Even Notice’

The Entertainment We Consume Becomes a Part of Who We Are

Not long ago, someone sent me an article by the Rev. Craig Groeschel (senior pastor of LifeChurch.tv) titled “What’s the Big &%#*! Deal about Profanity?” What impressed me about the article was how eloquently he discussed the need for Christians to be discerning when it comes to their entertainment. For me, it was like reading […]

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