Why I Like ‘The Interview’

Still from The Interview

We talk a lot at Plugged In about how influential movies can be in our lives. But rarely do we see one cause an international incident. The Interview was supposed to be a silly, throwaway R-rated comedy—counter programming to the slew of high-prestige Oscar hopefuls trundling out this month. I mean, the flick stars Seth Rogen […]

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Movie Monday: Exodus Gods and Kings

Still from Exodus: Gods and Kings

Well, Exodus: Gods and Kings didn’t exactly part the waters. But during a slow December weekend, Ridley Scott’s biblical epic still showed enough Old Testament oomph to reach the top of the box office mountain, chiseling out a less-than-commanding $24.5 million (estimated, of course). How does Exodus stack up with other would-be biblical blockbusters? Well, it […]

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