Game Goods 2017: Bob Hoose’s Year-End Picks

Top Games year-end picks

We all know that it’s a pretty common thing these days to see families playing video games together. Games can be interactive, fun, and even educational if you find the right ones. Of course, finding the video games that fit your family room is the real challenge. And that equation can have as many variables […]

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Vodcast: Meet Mully


How much difference can one person really make? The forthcoming documentary Mully addresses that question with the story of one remarkable man’s life and the transformative influence it has had on the nation of Kenya. Charles Mully certainly didn’t look like a good candidate to impact thousands of lives. Abandoned by his family at the […]

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2017 Plugged In Movie Awards: And the Award Goes To …


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after long and arduous deliberation (involving an occasional round of fisticuffs) and painstaking vote counting, it’s time to unveil the winners of our fourth annual Plugged In Movie Awards. Alas, due to budget cuts, we had to cancel our typical star-studded banquet in Hollywood. Perhaps next year. BEST MOVIE FOR KIDS […]

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Plugged In Movie Awards: Best Christian Movie


We close out our Plugged In Movie Awards nominations with our picks for best Christian movie, and man, what a tough year it was. Faith-based films have never been better, and Hollywood made it extra tricky to decide even what, exactly, constituted a Christian movie. Could Martin Scorsese’s Silence or Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, both […]

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Plugged In Movie Awards: Best Movie For Adults


Those Oscar voters have it made. To choose the best of the best based on sheer aesthetics—the writing, the acting, the cinematography—feels easy compared to the task set before us. In this category, we have to factor in ethics, morality and worldview, too. Sure, maybe a given film looks amazing. But what does it actually […]

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Plugged In Movie Awards: Best Movie For Teens


Another day, another batch of nominees! This time we turn to movies for teens. It’s a perennially tricky category to pick for, and this year yields a truly eclectic mix of movies, pitting some of the year’s top-grossing flicks against a couple of little-seen gems. As always, read our full reviews before you or anyone […]

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Culture Clips: The Family That Eats Together …


We all know that teens today face plenty of struggles—some of which I’m going to talk about shortly. But let’s start with some good news. Want your kids to say no to substance abuse? Having dinner regularly as a family is one simple, tasty way to build a relational bond that correlates with wiser choices. […]

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Your Personal Plugged In Entertainment Appliance


For about 25 years now, Plugged In has done its best to help you walk through the strange, exciting and sometimes perilous world of entertainment. Through seminars, newsletters, magazines, radio programs, TV snippets, websites, mobile apps and online videos, we’ve tried to give your family the tools to make wise entertainment choices. But there’s always […]

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2016 Plugged In Movie Awards: Winners


Just in case you didn’t check out Jake and Paul’s Plugged In Movie Awards vodcast yesterday, here’s the written rundown for the 2016 Plugged In Movie Awards (which are selected from all the movies that came out during the 2015 calendar year). BEST MOVIE FOR KIDS Nominees: Cinderella, The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out, The Peanuts Movie, Shawn […]

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Unrolling the Red Carpet for the PIMA Awards


What were the best movies of 2015? That’s the question we have been asking through our Plugged In Movie Award nominees as we’ve highlighted the cream of the crop in our four categories: Best Movie for Kids, Best Movie for Teens, Best Movie for Adults, and Best Christian Movie. (Sorry, hamsters, still no “Best of” category […]

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Behind the Scenes of the Plugged In Movie Awards


What is the big deal with those Plugged In Movie Awards? What qualifications does Plugged In look for in nominees? How do a film’s content issues factor in? When is a film’s quality considered? Why is that movie in that category instead of this one? How come my favorite movie missed making any of the […]

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