Culture Clips: Parents Worried About Kids’ Screen Time (But They Use Screens Just as Much)


Just call this the “log in your own eye” edition of culture clips. Parents worry a lot about how much time their children and teens spend watching screens. But according to a new report, moms and dads spend an average of nine hours a day with their own screens. “We’re not trying to make parents […]

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Culture Clips: The Post-Truth Edition


We live in a post-truth world. Or, at least, so says the Oxford English Dictionary. The hallowed caretaker of the King’s English dubbed the phrase “post-truth” as its Word of the Year. It’s not the first time that Oxford’s made a rather unusual pick for its annual word: Last year it ignored words entirely and […]

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Culture Clips: Hollywood Reacts to the Election


We begin this week where we began last: with the election. Even though President-Elect Donald Trump was a former reality star himself, that doesn’t mean that Hollywood was thrilled with his win. The Los Angeles Times gathered celebrity reactions on Twitter and discovered that while Scott Baio and Kirstie Alley were cool with the results, […]

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Parents: The “Nintendo Switch” Console Could Actually Be Good for Your Family

Image of the Nintendo Switch logo (Copyright Nintendo 2016)

A Nintendo property is blowing up the Internet… again. Even though it isn’t Pokemon-related, it looks like it could be another game changer. What I’m talking about is the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, which Nintendo hopes will be its comeback in the Sony-and-Microsoft-dominated video game market after the lackluster performance of the Wii U. Why is […]

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Tapping the Christian Movie Marketplace


What do Christians want from Christian movies? It’s a question that Hollywood just doesn’t quite know how to answer just yet. When The Passion of the Christ made gazillions of dollars (well, at least $370.8 million domestically), folks in the entertainment industry fell all over themselves trying to duplicate that success. Scads of explicitly Christian filmmakers […]

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Vodcast: What Parents Need to Know About Pokemon GO


A Clinton is running for president and people all across the United States are going bananas over Pokemon. You’d be forgiven if you wondered for a moment whether or not you had accidentally traveled back in time to the 1990s. Even if you’re not already trying to catch ‘em all yourself, you’ve likely heard something […]

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