Thor: Ragnarok Hammers Home a Win

Thor: Ragnarok

Ragnarok? Try Ragna-rocks!

Thor: Ragnarok roared to a truly thunderous win, plundering North American theaters for a titanic $121 million (estimated, of course). That’s about $35 million more than Thor: The Dark World earned in its first weekend back in 2013, and $55 million more than Chris Hemsworth’s original turn as the God of Thunder in 2011.

Add in the more than $300 million Ragnarok’s already earned overseas, and you’ve got Asgardian vaults busting at the seams with moola. Seems that the Hulk isn’t the only one seeing green. (Too bad Thor’s hammer Mjölnir didn’t survive the movie: It’d be up for some nice gold plating.)

Incidentally, the Marvel franchise continues to be moviedom’s cinematic cash cow. Collectively, according to Box Office Mojo, Marvel’s movies have banked nearly $5.1 billion in North America, and more than $13 billion worldwide.

No other movie came close to pushing Thor off his lofty perch. Indeed, take Ragnarok’s take out of the mix, and the rest of the box office combined for just a paltry $56.8 million—half of what Ragnarok earned all by itself.

A Bad Moms Christmas proved to be the best of the rest, unwrapping $17 million in receipts for second place. A couple of Halloween holdovers finished next: Jigsaw, last week’s champ, slid to third, taking a $6.7 million (ahem) cut. Boo 2! A Madea Halloween, scared up $4.7 million or so for fourth. Geostorm closed out the top five with a $3 million weekend.

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K8meeder 6 months ago
Am I the only one that just got spoiled!? I know it’s just a little one... but it’s still annoying. And it was totally unnecessary. Please don’t take it personally, though! I love all your articles on Plugged In. I just wasn’t expecting a spoiler in an article about the box office report. :( 
bobed 6 months ago
I wish there were more clean superhero movies to which I could take my kids. My youngest in particular loves superheroes, but very few movies are fit for her.
Evan Weisensel 6 months ago
I mean, the first Thor and Captain America movies were pretty mild as far as PG-13 comic book movies go. There's also Big Hero 6 and the LEGO Ninjago Movie if you're more comfortable with PG films. (Though the jury's still out if the Ninjago Movie could be classified as a traditional "superhero" movie.)
bobed 6 months ago
Thor and Captain America were not quite appropriate enough for an eight-year-old in my opinion. (I personally tended to enjoy the 1st Captain America. He's a very old-fashioned kind of hero, and that rubs me the right way.)

She loves Big Hero Six - it's her favorite movie of all time, so she keeps informing me every five minutes. If only more companies would make superhero movies THAT clean and fun. 

Haven't seen the newest Lego Movie, but our whole family thought the first Lego Movie was grating (no offense if you enjoyed it - just a matter of personal taste. Too fast paced for us). Due to the gay indications in Lego Batman, it's not going to enter our house. It's sad that they have to imply such things in kids' movies, even as a joke "for parents." And explicit references to the most common vulgar term for a male's anatomy??? Wow! Kids' movies are pushing the boundaries. 

I just wish there were more clean, fun hero movies for kids. Big Hero Six proved that they can be clean and unoffensive, but still interesting and compelling. I can also appreciate The Incredibles, but a few of the connotations in that one just didn't sit right with me - infidelity? Murder of kids? Shooting at kids? I just felt it was too violent and adult. I wish they could have toned down a few of the things in that movie, and then it would have been just perfect for families. There was no need for an affair storyline, no need for a wife to find another woman's hair on her husband's jacket. Which leads me to another little caveat I noticed almost 10 years ago, and have been bothered by ever since. When Mr. Incredible and the femme fatale Mirage were having dinner together, at no point were they close enough to each other for a hair to be left on his jacket - at least, not that we saw. Which leads me to believe an affair actually is implied to have happened, behind the scenes. Totally unnecessary, in my opinion. 

Anyway, time for me to shut up about The Incredibles. I wish they'd make more clean, fun superhero movies that kids can enjoy harmlessly. That's all.
Evan Weisensel 6 months ago
Honestly, you'd like the Ninjago movie. It's a fun, if unremarkable, kid's movie that has a good heart and a decent message about father son relationships. (Think Power Rangers meets Star Wars but with Luke and Vader having awkward father/son bonding time.)

As for the Incredibles, I love that movie. It was a big inspiration for me to get into animation (though not as big as Wall-E or the Toy Story SNES commercial) and I honestly really liked the more mature tone the movie had, I wish more modern animated movies had a similar tone. Sure, it's not the lightest film out there (in fact, Brad Bird said that it wasn't exactly a movie for kids, but more a movie for adults and older children.) but I felt that it handled it's darker themes quite tastefully. (most of which went right over 8 year old me's head back in the day.) But I guess it boils down more to a matter of taste and spiritual tolerance more than anything. To each his own, I guess....
charitysplace 6 months ago
Saw Thor. Enjoyed it. Overall, I would have welcomed more Hela / Cate Blanchett, less Hulk.
Evan Weisensel 6 months ago
Hey, when's the official Plugged In Online Blog Comment Section cinematic universe due to come out? ;)

Also, glad Thor Ragnarok is doing well. I'm super hyped for that movie as well as Black Panther and Justice League. The art direction for Ragnarok is just so beautiful and bright it's incredibly refreshing to see in the bland landscape that is comic book movies today!
Inkfeather1 . 6 months ago
Yeah, I definitely can't wait to see it myself! Hopefully I can avoid spoilers for a while.
Evan Weisensel 6 months ago
Unfortunately, spoilers seem to come to me like I'm a some type of spoiler magnet....
Inkfeather1 . 6 months ago
Me too. The negative side effects of living on the internet lol. And I love watching people review/explain movies on YouTube and they're not always great about giving spoiler warnings :(
Evan Weisensel 6 months ago
Yeah, me too. :/
SJamison 6 months ago
Yes, I saw Thor this last weekend, adding to its pile of Rhinegeld.  But I also gave dollars to another comic book movie, "Blade of the Immortal", a Japanese film playing at the local arthouse.  It's a samurai revenge drama, so heavy on the gore.  I'd recommend it mostly to people who read the manga as it skips large parts of the character development after a certain point to get to the big final battle.

In more uplifting news, I'm reading Oliver Twist.  The Introduction to the Third Edition features Dickens defending his use of what we'd call "gritty realism" and then admits to toning the language way down because he knows some readers will be too shocked by cussing to grasp his point and call for the book to be banned.
[removed] 6 months ago
This comment has been deleted
Anonymous 6 months ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

I betcha Batman v Superman would have made more money had it hadn't been so dark, was less violent, and got rid of a completely unnecessary bathtub scene.
Anonymous 6 months ago
While the reviews were mostly negative didn't the movie do pretty well financially? According to Wikipedia it made $166 million on its opening weekend and it's grossed $873 million worldwide.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

The thing is, Warner Bros were hoping that it would cross the $1 billion mark worldwide, and when it didn't, the amount of money made by the movie was mildly disappointing.

Several reviewers criticized the super dark tone of the movie, and many parents probably thought, 'Nope, this films too scary for my kids.' 
bobed 6 months ago
I wish more parents would act that way. Imagine how many clueless parents took their kids to see IT.
Natalie L 6 months ago
Oh, goodness. I teach swimming lessons, and there is nothing more disturbing than 10 yr old boys pretending to be Pennywise.