Vodcast: Is Fuller House Bad TV?


What is one to make of Fuller House?

The much-anticipated reboot/sequel/continuance of the popular 80s sitcom, Full House, has been widely panned since making its debut on Netflix a few weeks ago, and there are a few theories as to why that is.

Some found it just plain bad. They didn’t like the acting … or the jokes … or the laugh track … or much of anything. Others were put off by the perception that the show was introducing inappropriate content unfitting for children and that was a departure from the show’s family friendly roots. But some fans defended the show: Hey, Full House was never exactly prestige TV, even back in its glory days. And perhaps it always had some uncomfortable content, too: Maybe we just don’t remember it.

Which, actually, is a very interesting point. Is Fuller House actually worse than Full House was? Have we white-washed the original in our memories? Or is it that our sensitivities have just shifted in focus?

Let’s talk about that.

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Moni Castañeda More than 1 year ago
First of all full house and fuller  house are not Christian or faith based shows
Everyone keeps criticizing them as if they ever claimed to be. 
Candace Cameron Bure is the only actor on this show that has proclaimed her faith
So to speak as a Christian myself ,i was not expecting Fuller House to be something it never claimed to be
It is a family friendly television show for our times
It doesn't not have cussing,nudity,or any type of sexual content that my children have not already seen on any disney channel or nickelodeon show
So if you do not feel it is appropriate for your children then just don't let them watch it. ..simple as that
I grew up watching full house, family matters,fresh prince of bel air etc....
Every one of these shows touched topics that we can all relate to.
This is the same with Fuller House
Michelle Derry More than 1 year ago
I loved the original Full House and didn't find it offensive as a Christian. I watched all the Fuller House episodes and was a bit disappointed because it was pretty dull and the grief for DJS husband just isn't really there for such a fresh loss, so it doesn't seem at all realistic. I was shocked that they immediately had very revealing clothes too, especially Steph. Other than that, though, I am hopeful for the series and still love to see the actors/actresses. Candace is indeed a Christian, but I am assuming she doesn't have a say in the scripts. You can't truly judge her as a person  by a person she portrays on a show
Beth Taylor More than 1 year ago
If the argument is going to be that Full House was wholesome, kid friendly, and family friendly despite the adult content it had then Fuller House should be no different. I.E. Jesse and the numerous women he brought home, made out with, made suggestions about, kids kissing, making out(especially DJ when she was with Steven and multiple guys after him, Stephanie going to a makeout party, Jesse and Joey accidentally kissing two different times , Danny going out with multiple women when he was Bachelor of the month(whatever it was titled), and  the women wearing provocative clothing and sometimes lingerie.   No our morals haven't changed because most parents that tuned in to Fuller House was because they recently let their children watch the original and overlooked everything they now are pointing out inappropriate for family and kids. Also why not have the argument that yes my kids can watch and yes it is family friendly compared to other programs?  How is that lowering our standards?  Is that what our parents did if they compared Full House to programs such as Married With Children or Roseanne? Or should they have compared it to their shows from over 20 yrs prior and not allow kids to watch because it was not as wholesome as the shows they enjoyed as kids?  Look it's our job to discuss these things with our kids and not expect the show to be teaching wholesome things to our kids 100% of the time. I screened Full House with my daughter for the exact reasons that others are saying they will not permit Fuller House in their homes at all. No we don't have to allow our kids to watch if we are not comfortable with the program but to tear the show apart for certain content that the original also had or question Candace Cameron's Christianity because she promoted it or is in it isn't helpful or being any better or making your point any clearer. 
Chris Overholt More than 1 year ago
Can anyone here tell me what was wrong (morally)  with the original series? 

I thought it was a perfect kids show. I even rewatched several episodes on 'Nick at Nite' recently, and I don't remember a thing wrong with it...
Laurie Mitchell More than 1 year ago
I started watching the 1st season of Full House.  As a more mature adult, I was shocked at the amount of swearing.  Uncle Jesse was NOT a moral character at first.  I think the language factor was toned down a little in the subsequent seasons, but as I recall in the last season, there was a whole lot more of taking God's name in vain.
Beth Taylor More than 1 year ago
Yes.  I've already commented on that but it has not been posted yet.  First of all it was not the perfect kids show. Our parents most likely did the exact thing that other parents are saying they won't do for Fuller House but yet overlooked a lot in the original one.  Such as Uncle Jesse bringing home different women, making out with them, the women dressing revealing, Danny dating several women in one night as an eligible bachelor, DJ making out with Steven and several other boys after him. Stephanie had a friend that was always a bad influence and went to a makeout party with her where it shows several kids making out, Kimmy being a bad influence most of the time to DJ(talking her into wearing skimpy black outfits and playing spin the bottle), Jesse and Joey accidently kissed in two different episodes, there were plenty of sexual inuendos between Becky and Jesse, at least one episode with a girl in lingerie, and sneaking out, running away,and lieing. While most of these issues were delt with in teaching right from wrong there were several of the others that I listed that were not and considered normal or just expected to be overlooked because it was after all a kid friendly show. If parents were to of compared it to a show over 20 yrs prior then they too would not have considered it wholesome but if realizing times had changed or they compared it to shows such as Married with Children and Roseanne they would have.  I screened Full House with my daughter when she was younger for the reasons I stated above. 
Mary Budzichowski More than 1 year ago
Wake up people and stop stereotyping "Christianity" the show is a bore, yes, but our kids see and hear way worse in ALL schools. Keep your children in that bubble and let me know how it works for you. This is coming from a Christian. Stop judging, it's not your job, unless you are Christ. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Posted by Smith.

I've certainly had my "lighten up, already," moments, but I also believe -- and firmly so -- that to possess good taste, in both morality and in art, and to cultivate that taste, is not a case of unchristian judging but rather a necessary part of good, moral living.

I'm no prude, but I would no more watch something indiscriminately than I would write something off indiscriminately, especially with young ones in tow.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I grew up watching Full House every Friday night. I remember the controversy my mom & many other ladies in our church had, when little Michelle used the replacement word "heck" in one of the episodes. As a child I loved the show. There were many "grown-up" jokes that would typically go over some kids heads.
  I watched the first season of Fuller House and felt that it was just like any other "family show" you get from the Disney channel or Nickelodeon these days. As a mother with two very young and impressionable boys, I would not let them watch this until they are older; we also don't watch Disney or Nickelodeon.
      I can honestly say that at first I was disappointed bc it was just like every other show out there, however, I also can respect the fact that they are dealing with a different audience now than what we had 20-30 yrs ago. I do feel that the acting from the younger group is a lot less natural and hard to stay connected bc it is too much, but again that's how the kids are doing it these days.
   So I suppose what I'm saying is yes, it's cheesy (not a cute cheesy). Yes, the content isn't always comfortable. Yes, I had high expectations for a more Christian point of view bc of Candace Bure. However, Full House WAS NOT a Christian show. Just trying to keep things in perspective. 
Kaleinani Survant More than 1 year ago
I would see nothing wrong with letting any of my younger family members watching this. It was cute and harmless. Sorry to disagree. *It was a little cheesy though* I watched all the episodes in 6 days.
Max Kuntz More than 1 year ago
Posted by Captain America:

I can stop calling myself Captain America because now I'm on Facebook and you can see my real name. 

Actually me and my family stopped watching full house a long time ago because of some of the content but we thought,"Hey,maybe fuller house will be more descent than full house." And then I saw it was rated g so I was like ," Well if it's rated g than it should definitely be ok to watch."WE WERE  WRONG!!! We stopped watching after we saw the third episode ( we should have stopped after the first one ) . I was really hoping for something clean to watch especially since Candace Cameron Bure is a Christian .    

Oh yeah , and you guys aren't creepy ;)
Chris Overholt More than 1 year ago
What was wrong with full house? 
Jenny Whitley More than 1 year ago
I have to agree.Watching some of her clips made me sick,She sure didn't act like A Christian.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Posted by Smith.

To be fair, that's why it's called acting.

If a church group decided to stage the story of David and Goliath, I bet that the kid playing Goliath wouldn't wind up acting very Christian, either. ;
Magdalena Seters More than 1 year ago
I see Fuller House as really aimed at the original audience and fans of the first series. I was a kid when I watched Full House - in a sense I "grew up" with DJ; back then I identified with her childhood and teenage issues and now I identify with her adult and mom issues. Because it's format is the same as the "family sitcom" style of the original, it feels cheesy. But the modern family-ness of it makes it still endearing.
KDmedicIO More than 1 year ago
Fuller House is bad tv, but not for any moral reason, it's just lame
Dan Haynes More than 1 year ago
We tore through FH in a weekend. I thought it was cheesy (I was not a fan of the original) but my 9 y.o. thought it was hilarious.