Abominable Snows Under the Competition

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I just returned from a week on the beach, where the sun always shined and not a day’s temperature dipped below 80 degrees. But at theaters across the country, it looked less chill and more … chilly?

Granted, the Yeti at the heart of Abominable took a while to find the snowcapped Himalayas. But the animated flick looked as cool as the proverbial snowman atop the peak of the box office, sledding to an estimated $20.9 million in North America. That’s not exactly an avalanche of cash by Hollywood standards; more like a light dusting. Still, a win is a win. And according to Box Office Mojo, it’s the seventh Universal pic to win a weekend this year.

Downton Abbey saw its own fortunes slip a bit, as Abominable pushed it from No. 1 to No. 2. Still, you can expect this ever-so-British film to keep a stiff upper lip, primly folding $14.5 million in Yankee currency into its trouser pockets. Downton has now earned $58.5 million in two weeks, which should be just enough to re-varnish the Abbey’s floors. Keep calm and earn on, as they say.

Jennifer Lopez’s Hustlers actually rebounded a bit this weekend, bouncing from fifth to third place. It banked $11.5 million, pushing its domestic tally to $80.6 million. Meanwhile, IT: Chapter Two continues to bare its box-office teeth, biting into another $10.4 million. The Stephen King progeny has now earned $193.9 million, which makes it the year’s seventh highest-grossing movie. Sure, Chapter Two’s screen may often be red, but its bottom line is all black.

Ad Astra’s intended rocket ride to the box-office stratosphere never quite materialized, and its afterburners seem to be a little flaky, too. It earned $10.1 million in its second week of work, giving it $35.5 million.

The only other newcomer of note this weekend is Judy, starring Renee Zellweger. Opening in fewer than 500 theaters, the Judy Garland biopic still earned $3.1 million. While that’s not exactly over the rainbow, it’s not too shabby, either.

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Anonymous 12 months ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

Everyone's more likely than not just waiting for Joker to come out. That's probably why it's been such a slow weekend. I will be very interested to read Plugged In's review for the film, and hope that the R rating isn't too mature.
Anonymous 11 months ago
Everything I read about Joker seemed quite disturbing. I suspect it deserves an R.
-Emma Bibliophile