Alien Invades No. 1

The Guardians of the Galaxy have taken on some pretty tough hombres. They’ve conquered interdimensional beasties and egomaniacal warlords, gold-skinned warriors and really cranky relatives.

But one alien has their number—for this weekend, at least.

In a tight battle for supremacy, Alien: Covenant squeaked by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to face-hug the weekend’s box office crown. It earned an estimated $36 million compared to Galaxy’s $35 million: Clearly, protomorph blood wasn’t the only thing gushing green.

But while the latest Alien flick won the weekend, it probably didn’t make the chests of its makers burst with pride. Its take fell below most prognosticators’ expectations, and it was well off the $51 million that the prequel Prometheus scared up five years ago. Still, as Box Office Mojo notes, Alien: Covenant also cost less to make, and it could gobble up plenty of cash overseas.

Guardians of the Galaxy could’ve used an assist from Ellen Ripley this weekend, but don’t feel too terrible for two-time box office champ. The Disney/Marvel behemoth’s $35 million officially pushed Vol. 2’s overall North American earnings past the $300 million mark. Throw in its overseas performance, and Vol. 2’s overall nest egg is nearing three-quarters of a billion dollars. And the thing’s not done yet. Forget “I am Groot.” The catchphrase over at Disney headquarters could well be, “I am green.”

Meanwhile, Everything, Everything, an angsty teenage romance, didn’t exactly collect everything, everything. But it did gather up about $12 million, already surpassing what Warner Bros. spent to make it. The flick easily outdistanced the R-rated comedy Snatched for third place. Amy Schumer’s gross-out laughfest settled for a fourth-place finish and $7.6 million.

Another newcomer, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, might be in for a short stay in the Top Five. It earned just $7.2 million—far less than what the three previous films in this tween-focused series made in their debuts—to finish fifth. Perhaps the Wimpy Kid franchise should sign up for some of those Charles Atlas workout lessons. Then maybe it can kick some sand in a xenomorph’s face for a change.

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