Another First for Infinity War


Disney and Marvel’s latest superhero story was reportedly a hard movie for its makers to make. It was unquestionably a hard movie for me to watch. But when it comes to money, the earnings couldn’t be easier.

To perhaps only Thanos’ surprise, Avengers: Infinity War won again, and once again did so in stellar fashion. The latest Avengers mashup featuring Iron Man, Thor and a bazillion other superheroes cruised to another superpowered weekend in North America ($112.5 million, according to the estimates) and pushed its domestic total to $450.8 million.

“Second helping of cash, Captain America?”

“Why thanks, Bruce, don’t mind if I do.”

It’s only fitting, I suppose, that Infinity War’s second weekend translated into a few more notable “seconds,” as well. It tabulated, for instance, the second-largest second weekend in history, trailing only Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s also the second highest-grossing movie this year, trailing only stablemate Black Panther (which has now earned a truly staggering $693.1 million domestically).

But if you think Infinity War is doing well in the U.S. and Canada, its performance looks even more remarkable when you throw in its performance overseas. The Avengers’ flick has collected $713.3 million in international markets, bringing its grand worldwide total to $1.2 billion. It’s the fastest movie ever to clear $1 billion globally, by the way—and it still hasn’t even opened in China yet.

Though Infinity War was obviously the weekend’s box-office behemoth—no other film came even close—a few other flicks managed to sweep up the Avengers’ leavings.

Newbie Overboard, a remake of a 1987 Kurt Russell/Goldie Hawn rom-com, finished second with nearly $14.8 million. That may not sound like a lot, especially when ogling Infinity War’s eye-popping totals. But keep in mind, the new Overboard only played in a little more than 1,600 theaters, which makes the debut impressive in its own right.

John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place continues to quietly impress. The suspense/horror movie pocketed another $7.6 million to finish third, bringing its total earnings to $159.9 million. That makes A Quiet Place the year’s third highest-grossing movie, trailing only those two titanic superhero films.

I Feel Pretty, meanwhile, slid to fourth with $4.9 million, edging out Rampage, which closed out the top five with $4.6 million.

Apart from Overboard, newcomers struggled to find an audience. Tully, one of the grittiest stories of motherhood you’ll likely see, landed just outside the top five with $3.2 million. Meanwhile, Bad Samaritan was just bad. It landed with a thud in 10th place and $1.8 million.

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Paul Asay has been writing for Plugged In since 2007 and loves superheroes and finding God in unexpected places. In addition, Paul has also written several books, with his newest—Burning Bush 2.0—recently published by Abingdon Press. When Paul’s not reviewing movies, he hikes with his wife, Wendy, runs marathons with his grown kids, Colin and Emily, and beats back unruly houseplants. Follow him on Twitter @AsayPaul.

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