April Showers Bring May Flowers Which Bring … a New Plugged In!

Look at what just sprouted in our Internet garden! As of today, for most of you at least, Plugged In‘s review site has grown a new look: lots of pretty pictures and, in a Plugged In first, lots of purple. Seems fitting for that springtime thing, right? Love it or, um, just like it, know that our reviews are still the same in-depth takes on popular entertainment that you’ve come to expect from us. Still, we hope you enjoy and find useful the accompanying bells and whistles that have undergone a bit of transformation.

Also know that we’re making tweaks as we go, so your feedback here in this blog forum will be pored over and much appreciated!


Who wrote this?

Steven Isaac served as editor for Plugged In’s NRB- and EPA-award-winning website for more than a decade, orchestrating, managing, scheduling, shaping and tweaking at least 750 reviews and articles annually. He’s a husband and a father of a teenager.

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