Augmented Reality 1.5

Augmented Reality Super Mario Brothers

As we all know, Pokémon GO is an augmented reality app that set the world on fire a year ago. But just in case you’re thinking that that’s all we’re gonna get in the realm of AR, think again. There are a number of devices and programs that people are working on and offering up that’ll help us plug non-reality into our reality.

The Microsoft HoloLens, for instance, is an augmented reality headset that you can slip on anywhere and that lets you mix internet browsing, file sorting and gameplay in with your real world. The lightweight headset has been geared initially as something you can use at work or school, or maybe as a fun diversion if you want to shoot at robots that are drilling their virtual way out of your living room wall. But there are other possibilities for HoloLens users who possess a little creativity.

Augmented reality trailblazer Abhishek Singh, for example, decided to put a little time into creating his own real-life version of the first level of the classic Nintendo side-scroller Super Mario Bros. He figured, why play a video game in your headset when you can create a life-sized version and jump into it yourself? He even decked himself out in a full-on Mario outfit just so onlookers wouldn’t think him too strange when he’s stomping invisible goombas and jumping up to thump invisible overhead powerblocks. (OK, they’re gonna think him strange anyway, but at least this way they’ll know he means to be.)

For those of you saying, “All right! Where do I sign up?” Well, sorry it’s not available to anybody but Abhishek’s bestest buds. But who knows, there may be something coming down the gaming pike any day now for our public enjoyment.

Hopefully, whatever comes our way won’t be too vision obstructing. You don’t want AG Mario players to be hit by a truck while they jump for that level-ending flag. But, hey, that’s up to the smart guys like Abhisek to figure out.

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Bob Hoose is a senior associate editor for Plugged In, a producer/writer for Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey, a writer of plays and musicals and one-half of the former comedy/drama duo Custer & Hoose. He is a husband, father of three and a relatively new granddad.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
With some refinement this could be a pretty fun game. However, in my opinion the main problem is that you have to walk around the pipes. Of course, I know it's AR You can't jump on a pipe that doesn't exist. Seeing how they serve no purpose in an augmented reality game, perhaps it would have been better to remove them.