Plugged In Author: Bob Smithouser

Senior Editor for PLUGGEDIN.COM. In addition to hosting the weekly "Official Plugged In Podcast," Bob also writes reviews, articles and Movie Nights discussion guides, and manages areas of this website. He has served at Focus on the Family for more than 20 years. Since 1995, Bob has penned "High Voltage," a monthly column that answers children's entertainment questions in Clubhouse magazine. He has co-authored several books, including Chart Watch, Movie Nights, Movie Nights for Teens and, most recently, The One Year Father-Daughter Devotions. Bob is also co-host of "The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast."

Gods at the Movies


When we go to the movies we can experience good surprises (“I loved that twist ending!”) or bad ones (“I can’t believe there was so much profanity!”). But recently I encountered surprises of a different kind when I screened Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters for The Official Plugged In Podcast. And one of them happened […]

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Hollywood’s Spin on America


I’m no Methuselah, but I can still remember a time when Hollywood was unapologetically pro-America. From conveying our ideologies and ingenuity to the integrity of our armed forces, the motion picture industry once served as a proud ambassador for the land it calls home. Oliver Stone? Michael Moore? Granted, but they felt like the exception. […]

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A Patriotic Pop Quiz


Chiseled monuments. Stars and stripes. Amber waves of grain. They’re just a few of the iconic images that come to mind as we celebrate America’s 237th birthday. You’re probably thinking, “Funny, the Old Girl doesn’t look a day over 220.” That’s kind of you to say, but she’s been experiencing a touch of dementia in […]

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$50 Movie Tickets?


Would you pay $50 for a movie ticket? Wait, before you answer, consider that you’d be able to see the film in theaters two days early and receive a digital copy once it reaches home video. You’d also get a movie poster, 3-D glasses and a small popcorn (sorry, no refillable buckets here). And if […]

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Why I Love Casting Pods


I read a funny story recently about an old farmer who, while visiting the local feed store, overheard one gentleman telling another that he’d discovered podcasting. A bit confused, the farmer asked, “Casting pods? Wouldn’t it work better to take the seeds out before you throw ’em?” Of course, these days everybody knows what a […]

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An Unsung Media Hero


When you think of Christian filmmakers impacting the culture, who comes to mind? Is it the Kendrick brothers creating evangelistic indies out of their church in Albany, Ga.? Or maybe it’s a Hollywood power couple like Mark Burnett and Roma Downey producing The Bibleas a miniseries for the History Channel? Both are great examples. But […]

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Hollywood Heroes


Back in 2003, the American Film Institute unveiled its list of the 100 greatest movie heroes of all time. I was impressed by who came out on top: To Kill a Mockingbird‘s Atticus Finch, the passionate, dignified southern lawyer who boldly stands up to Depression-era bigotry by defending a black man falsely accused of raping […]

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Test Your Quiz Show IQ


I love quiz shows. Grew up on ’em, really. As a preschooler, I played at my mother’s feet while she watched Jeopardy!. In my teen years, when my friends were doing their homework with music in the background, I often did mine to the sound of bells, buzzers and hysterical housewives. You might ask, “Was […]

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Punk Rebels Face Prison


My grandfather used to say, “If you don’t think, you feel.” He was right. A case in point, the birthday-party parent on America’s Funniest Videos who decides to adjust the piñata after he’s handed the stick to a blindfolded 8-year-old. Ouch! But sometimes acting without weighing the consequences can lead to more than just a […]

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Worst Earworms Ever


Have you ever had a nasty case of earworms? Don’t get grossed out. That simply means you’ve had a catchy song stuck in your head that keeps looping uncontrollably. Like dinner guests still showing off their vacation photos after midnight, it just … won’t … leave. The harder you try to get rid of that […]

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