Plugged In Author: Jackson Greer

Jackson is interning with Plugged In for this summer. Currently attending Texas A&M University, he studies English and Spanish, with hopes to teach High School English one day. When he’s not editing dissertations or holed up in a professor’s office hours, he can be found on the Texan streets running, camping, or at the nearest street-side taquería. His first love is peanut butter and is a proud subscriber to multiple peanut butter subscriptions nationwide. Allergies beware!

The Rising Prevalence of Podcasting

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They’re everywhere, those little white knobs that rest ever so gently in the ears. They used to have leashes, locked into mobile pocket computers. Now they are free, cordless earbuds unbound by the manacles of rubber and silicone. With sales projected to skyrocket within the next couple of years, cordless earbuds have rapidly become the […]

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