Plugged In Author: Meredith Whitmore

Meredith has had two careers: one as a writer/editor for both Focus on the Family and The Navigators, and one as an English teacher trekking far-flung corners of Europe, Africa and Asia. She now rejoins Focus, but with souvenirs—including new eyes with which to better view American culture.

Too Much Skin


I bite my tongue a lot whenever I’m let loose in public. The other day at a large, upscale mall in Denver, I almost bit it off. A toddler was dressed in high-heeled sandals, a very short skirt and a camisole. Her curly hair was pulled up in a frilly barrette and her mother was […]

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Pictures of Hope


Social networking often gets mixed reviews. But here’s a story about it that makes me smile. After tornadoes cut a wide swath of destruction across much of Alabama and five other southern states last week, a Facebook page was set up to reunite victims with their memorabilia—some of which was blown at least 150 miles […]

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Two Billion People Watching … But, No Pressure.


It’s been the subject of years of conjecture and media hype—or, perhaps it only seems that long. And now, after a steady stream of large (often strange) hats, billions of horses, pomp, circumstance and a fabulously beautiful wedding dress, the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton is forever recorded in history—via social media. […]

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Facebook Blues


A new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics says Facebook might send teens who have a tendency toward mood disorders into depression. Researchers call it (none too originally) “Facebook depression,” and they don’t know whether it’s an extension of an already existing condition or a unique disorder. In any case, they claim Facebook’s friend […]

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All Dolled Up


A few months ago, a little girl and I were watching a cartoon on television while her mother got ready to go out with us for breakfast. Of course, there were commercials. Some jingles (and products) were annoying enough to make anyone groan and, possibly, bang their head on a coffee table. But what surprised […]

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Bad to the Bling


See if you can find the U.S. connection to this story: Gidion Mbuvi , a 35-year-old lawmaker, was recently thrown out of the Kenyan parliament for wearing earrings and sunglasses. Members of the African country’s parliament typically wear suits, and they expect Mbuvi to dress with more dignity. Mbuvi is fighting the decision, telling the […]

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