Plugged In Author: Steven Isaac

Steven Isaac served as editor for Plugged In’s NRB- and EPA-award-winning website for more than a decade, orchestrating, managing, scheduling, shaping and tweaking at least 750 reviews and articles annually. He’s a husband and a father of a teenager.

The Media That Moved You (To at Least Click)

Compilation of images for top-viewed media reviews on Plugged In

Movies were a big deal in 2014, with Christian movies jostling elbows with dystopian thriller movies. But so were TV shows, music releases and video games. We had more readers reading our reviews last year than ever before, and for that we’re grateful. Grateful that the hard work our team does matters to you. And […]

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Hope for Those Who Still Haven’t Set Up Their Christmas Tree

Boy Dragging Christmas Tree

There is an informal series of Christmas-themed cartoons that Bill Watterson included in his much-loved Calvin and Hobbes strips. Some of them have become favorites around our house every holiday season. The gist is always about the same, that Calvin’s excited about Christmas and Dad is pretending to not care a whit about it. One begins […]

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What Tim Lambesis Is Learning Now That He’s Away From the Cacophony

I don’t often think very much about metalcore music. If I’m listening to it (usually for this job), it’s kinda hard to think at all, brain-rattling as it is. And when I’m not listening to it (usually for everything else), I can’t seem to remember what I’m supposed to have learned from it while I […]

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Introducing … Movie Nights! (Though Somehow That Seems Like a Familiar Name)

A couple of weeks ago, online journalist/blogger Martyn Wendall Jones of Christ & Pop Culture shared what he called a “found poem” composed entirely of lines from Plugged In movie reviews. Here’s an excerpt: John is injected with a drug that renders him unconscious.A small group of twentysomethings seems to be high.We see the hole in […]

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Watching TV for a Living

I really didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was probably too busy playing basketball at school and working at home to help our family make ends meet on our small country mini-farm to spend much time grappling with the vastness of the future. The present was just too full […]

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Eat Read Love

Teens aren’t reading for fun anymore. But they are eating for fun quite a whole lot. Hey! Maybe something can be done about that. Let me back up a bit. Let’s first look a little harder at the whole teens-aren’t-reading-as-much-as-they-used-to thing. According to a study of a bunch of other studies, presented by Common Sense […]

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