Plugged In Author: Steven Isaac

Steven Isaac served as editor for Plugged In’s NRB- and EPA-award-winning website for more than a decade, orchestrating, managing, scheduling, shaping and tweaking at least 750 reviews and articles annually. He’s a husband and a father of a teenager.

Jack Jumps Over the Torture Shtick

From the beginning I’ve watched 24. Most of the time it’s been a Plugged In project—to keep tabs on a show that was pushing torture scenes into the mainstream of TV’s prime time. Sometimes, though, I’ve found myself watching it for personal reasons, too, because as anybody who has watched much 24 will tell you, […]

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Where’s That Horn to Toot?

Somewhere between the release of Miley Cyrus’ racy new video and Iron Man 2′s $128 million weekend, Plugged In learned it won the Evangelical Press Association’s Award of Excellence for best online publication. Paul Asay, one of our associate editors, also earned recognition for his Not Just a Movie series we published last year. It […]

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3, 2, 1, Launch!

In the dark ages of 1990 when Focus on the Family launched what would soon become Plugged In, Edison’s light bulb was the light bulb, maps were made of paper, MySpace was what you violated in a crowded elevator, and even websites were, for most of us, those hard-to-reach, spider-infested corners of your basement. Just […]

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