Avengers: To Infinity and the Box Office!

It came bent on utter domination. Once it was through, it left smoldering ruins in its wake. Try as its adversaries might, nothing could stop this awe-inducing, terrifying, world-destroying juggernaut.

Are we talking Thanos, perhaps? Galactus? Darkseid, maybe?

Nope. Try Avengers: Infinity War.

Disney/Marvel’s latest superhero flick didn’t just win the box office this weekend: It devoured it whole. Disney’s early estimates have Infinity War clearing $250 million in North America during its first weekend of work. That’s a record, topping 2015’s wildly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And given Disney’s historical conservatism in its estimates, Box Office Mojo believes that Infinity War might’ve earned several million more than we’re even reporting.

But why quibble over a couple mil here and there? That’s like Thanos fretting over the exact shade of lavender of the Power Infinity Stone. In just a little more than three days, Infinity War has become 2018’s second-biggest grossing movie domestically, trailing just fellow Marvel movie Black Panther.

Will the assembled Avengers overtake T’Challa et al before the year’s through? Hard to tell, but it’ll be a race worth watching. And whoever ultimately takes the crown, Disney wins.

Infinity War is doing just dandy overseas, too. It collected $380 million around the world, trailing only last year’s Fate of the Furious for the best foreign opening ever. But keep in mind, Fate relied heavily on China for its record-setting performance—a market that Infinity War won’t tap for another two weeks. (Nor has it yet opened in Russia, for that matter.)

Overall, Infinity War has earned $630 million, or thereabouts—a global record. Looks like Hulk isn’t the only monstrous green in play this weekend.

If Infinity War looked a little like Hulk at the box office, everyone else looked a little like Hawkeye (no offense, Clint). The newest Avengers movie raked in about five times that of the rest of the box office … combined.

A Quiet Place, last week’s champ, earned the somewhat dubious distinction of finishing second this week, but a very distant second it was: It collected just $10.7 million for its silver medal.

I Feel Pretty strutted into third place with $8.1 million, while Rampage rumbled to fourth with $7.1 million. Meanwhile, Black Panther, which had slid to eighth last weekend, rode the Avengers’ coattails back into the top five, adding another $4.4 million to its already superhuman overall gross. It has now earned $688 million in North America, making it the third-highest-earning domestic film in history.

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