Birds of Prey Glides to First

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A resounding victory, it wasn’t.

Still, Birds of Prey did flap to first place on the weekend’s box-office charts, as expected, ending Bad Boys For Life’s three-week stay at the top. Birds pecked up less than $33.3 million in North America, though, according to early estimates. That flies well short of the $45 million most were expecting—and that in spite of the film being headlined by Margot Robbie (who was up for an Oscar last night) and some pretty positive reviews (but not from us).

Birds of Prey is doing a bit better overseas, where it earned $48 million. But maybe making R-rated superhero/villain movies just for the sake of making R-rated superhero/villain movies isn’t such a winning formula after all.

Meanwhile, Bad Boys for Life continues to show plenty of life of its own. It may not be No. 1 any longer, but it still earned another $12 million, which brings its lifelong earnings to an impressive $166.3 million, cementing its status as 2020’s highest-grossing film.

1917 might’ve missed out on a Best Picture Oscar last night, but it did win three Academy Award consolation prizes (in cinematography, sound mixing and visual effects). And at the box office, the film added another $9 million this weekend. The World War I drama finished third, ahead of Dolittle ($6.7 million for fourth place) and Jumanji: The Next Level ($5.5 million for fifth).

Following 1917’s lead, other Oscar winners continue to grow their own box-office bottom lines as well. Little Women (another Best Picture nominee, which won an Oscar for Best Costume) officially crossed over the $100 million threshold earlier last week, and it added another $2.3 million to bring its total gross to $102.7 million. (It finished ninth, by the way.) Jojo Rabbit, which won for Best Adapted Screenplay, finished 13th with $1.5 million. Parasite—winner of four Oscars, including Best Picture—finished in 14th, right behind Jojo. The South Korean film’s total North American tally now stands at $35.5 million. Add in the $129.9 million it’s earned overseas, and Parasite stands as a bona fide blockbuster.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can I just saw how much I hate the New 52 version of Harley Quinn? That design doesn't look at all like her namesake! It just looks like that one girl who spends every penny at her local Hot Topic trying way too hard to look "Cool" and "Hip". Like DC looked at Deadpool and thoughtWe can do that, but make it appeal to the Hot Topic crowd even harder than Deadpool did!" and I just find that style insufferable.....

Her hair style is kinda cool sometimes, though.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I started watching Wonder Woman on tv last week for the heck of it and changed the channel maybe twenty minutes into it. Not only did the story not interest me, but Wonder Woman herself looked far too inappropriate for a superhero in my opinion what with her extremely short skirt that went up to here and her metal bustier and all. Talk about sending the wrong message about female empowerment, sheesh.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

Still a better role model for women than Captain Marvel.
The Mouse Of Non More than 1 year ago
I died at this!! Captain Marvel is the worst MCU movie to date IMO. And it's not because of the story, which was decent, but Brie Larson was so bored with the role. We needed someone so much better in that role, I guess we're stuck with her though. 

As to Wonder Woman, her costume is not any worse than many of the other female super heroes we have seen, and that includes the original Wonder Woman. I still can't comment on the movie as a whole though because I haven't seen it yet. It's on my watchlist though, so soon.
Lauren Abbott More than 1 year ago
Honestly I don't think her outfit was inappropriate. She wasn't showing any cleavage at all and you see the same amount of leg when wearing the average pair of shorts. But I think her character is a great role model even if her outfit is considered inappropriate.

- Cat of Ominousness
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Since Parasite is a foreign language film and I generally can't stand those types of films (Pan's Labyrinth and Letter's from Iwo Jima notwithstanding) I know without a shadow of a doubt Parasite's gonna be one of those Best Picture winners I never end up seeing, just like The Artist and Moonlight before it, but I suppose it was unprecedented for a film with subtitles throughout to win the big prize, so even though I'll never even try to see it good for it anyway, lol. But really this years Oscars was one of the worst I can remember. It was dull, boring, annoying, and downright weird at times. From the stupid song and dance numbers, to the downright odd acceptance speeches at times (Joaguin Phoenix artificially inseminating cows and putting their milk in his coffee, anyone), to the fact that the awful Toy Story 4 ended up winning best animated picture, was enough to almost make me wish I had just turned it off and found out the results on the internet later. But then Thank God for Elton John and Eminem, the lone bright spots of the night. If it wasn't for Em's phenomenal performance of Lose Yourself (still one of the most deserving song Oscar's of all time), and seeing Elton finally winning an Oscar with Bernie, the show would have stunk even more than it did. As it was though, it was just kind of blah throughout, and when it comes to awards shows this year The Grammy's had it beat by a mile.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

Unfortunately, this is what happens when you disrespect the source material. When you change a character (or in this case characters) so much that you can barely recognize them, not even a lot of the die hard fans are interested in seeing your movie.

As a big DC fan and a casual fan of the Birds of Prey comics, I will not be watching this movie. They took the Birds and made them look like cheap knockoffs, as if the director wanted to make a BoP film but didn’t have the license to the property. Seriously, I’ve seen cosplayers with better costumes than Huntress or Black Canary in this film.

I also don’t get why they bothered making a BoP film when this is basically a Harley Quinn movie. Every tv spot I saw had the narrator at the end say, “Harley Quinn, rated R.” If this is a HQ movie, then call it one! Don’t include the Birds if this is Harley’s show! Give her the spotlight for now, and do the BoP justice later.

While BoP won’t be getting my $12, I know for a fact that Sonic the Hedgehog will come this Friday; first movie since Far From Home that I’m genuinely excited to see! Plus, he actually looks accurate to the source material this time around.

The Mouse Of Non More than 1 year ago
Like you said, I am also a casual DC fan. I'm definitely not a casual Marvel fan. I'll go see every movie they ever make in theaters no matter what (unless its straight up porn or something of that nature. I wouldn't see it if they went overtly sexual). 

Anyway, as a casual DC fan, I won't see Birds of Prey either. In fact, the I'm only excited for two DC movies coming out: the new Batman movie and James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. But, the way the DCEU has gone at this point, I'm not getting my hopes up. I will be seeing it though. I do wish that the DCEU had just decided to keep the Dark Knight Trilogy as a spring board for the whole DCEU. I mean seriously, the end of The Dark Knight Rises left so many possibilities for great stories and abilities to branch off and do other heroes. 

The Dark Knight trilogy has a special place in my movie collection, and as a huge Chris Nolan fan I look forward to watching Tenet this year, but as for the DC movies, we'll have to wait and see how The Batman and James Gunn's Suicide Squad turn out, it's gonna take them some time to win me back after movies like Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

Did you not like Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam? I can see why you wouldn't like the movies you listed, but the other three since then have been good/great!

Also, I have to disagree with you about the Dark Knight Trilogy. They're great movies, but the end of The Dark Knight Rises just wouldn't work in a shared universe. If they did use TDKT as a springboard for the DCEU, they would have to do it without Bruce Wayne, and I just don't see that working well. The only movie that could've branched out from Rises would be Nightwing.

Also, Wonder Woman 1984 is coming out, and according to Fandango, it's the most anticipated movie of 2020!
The Mouse Of Non More than 1 year ago
See I still haven't seen Wonder Woman yet!!! I completely forgot about the new one tbh!!! And I'm really looking forward to it! That last trailer got me so hyped for it! I was not a huge fan of Aquaman tbh, every-time I watched it it got worse for me. Now it was def better than Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad, but it still wasn't great. And Shazam was good, but it didn't feel memorable. It was just another goofy superhero movie. It felt like a Phase 2 Marvel movie, nothing new. Now the 7 deadly sins were pretty cool as villains along with that other guy, but I didn't particularly enjoy it. It was still okay though. 

And to your point about the Dark Knight Trilogy, they easily could have brought Bruce Wayne back, and they could have had several heroes rise up after Batman "died" with something along the lines of them needing heroes after Batman being gone. They definitely had options. And they could have done where Batman comes out of retirement and old age, similar to what they did with Ben Affleck's version, but much better. 

And I'm most looking forward to The Eternals and Dune this year!! Both will be great, and that new Morbius trailer looked dope too!!

Honestly, there are a ton of movies I want to see this year, gonna be a good year I hope.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

I still feel like bringing Bruce back would’ve cheapened the ending of Rises, as well as the fact  that Nolan’s realistic Batman just wouldn’t work in a universe with flying aliens and magic rings, but that’s just me.

I also am very excited for Dune! Oscar Isaac is one of the best up and coming actors out there, and I look forward to seeing him in the starring role!