Entertainment Industry Responds to Coronavirus With Early VOD Releases, Special Offers


Well, here we are in the new age of fear and virus loathing. Concerts, conferences and sporting events have been cancelled, school is going totally online, restaurants are closing and public places of entertainment like movie theaters are shuttering for the immediate future. That massive social-isolation shift to our own couch and kitchen table has […]

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Director Andrew Heckler Talks About the Burden of Movie-Making


I Still Believe isn’t the only faith-tinged movie playing in much-depleted (and rapidly shuttering) theaters right now. Another film, featuring Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker and the talented Garrett Hedlund, was released Feb. 28 and contains deep themes of sin and salvation, judgment and mercy. It even comes with an old-fashioned baptism. The catch: The movie, […]

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What to Watch With Your Family While You’re at Home


Paramount has silenced A Quiet Place II for the time being—pushing its March 20 release date to sometime in the indeterminate future. The latest chapter in the Fast & Furious franchise, F9, has been pushed to next April. No Time to Die, the newest chapter in the James Bond Franchise, was shaken all the way […]

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Culture Clips: Billie Eilish Confronts Objectification … in a Surprising Way


Pop phenom Billie Eilish is well known for wearing baggy clothes. In a Calvin Klein ad last year, Eilish revealed that her generally loose-fitting garb is an intentional choice to avoid being objectified. “Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath,” she said then. This week, however, Eilish made a provocative statement […]

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Onward & LGBTQ Representation Trends Onscreen


“My girlfriend’s daughter got me pulling my hair out.” If you’re not paying very close attention while watching Disney/Pixar’s new animated movie Onward, you’ll very likely miss that line. And, out of context, you might think, “Why would anyone care about this innocuous sentence?” Answer: Because it’s delivered by a female character, a policewoman to […]

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Culture Clips: The Newest Bond Villain is the Coronavirus


James Bond has tussled with some pretty terrible, ruthless nemeses in his ludicrously long career. He’s battled men with golden guns, steel jaws and razor-sharp hat brims, and he’s always managed to come back to jolly old England with his mission complete. But now, it seems MI6 has come up against an adversary even too […]

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Sonic Shows Its Teeth

Sonic the Hedgehog MM

Amazing what a makeover can do, isn’t it? Last April, it looked as if the fastest hedgehog in entertainment was headed straight for a brick wall. When Paramount Pictures dropped its first trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog, a movie inspired by Sega’s endearing video game character, the reaction was universal: “AAAAAGH!” The eyes were weird. […]

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Hollywood’s Sex Scene Disconnect

hiding eyes

Actress and director Olivia Wilde wants to make filming sex scenes safer for the actors and actresses involved. Specifically, she’s spearheading an effort to “make a better environment” for such scenes—i.e., enforcing a closed set that ensures only those who really need to be there are present. Sitting down with Katie Couric at the 2020 […]

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Culture Clips: Moving on From the Oscars?

oscars wrap cc

Yesterday, we talked about Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar speech and briefly mentioned that, relatively speaking, not very many folks watched it. Oh, sure. In an age in which a hit show might garner 4 million viewers, the 23.6 million folks tuned in to see Janelle Monáe’s shimmery dress and hear Billie Eilish sing “Yesterday” is still […]

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