Coco Creams Competition, Claims Crown (Again)

Coco third straight

For the third straight week, Coco proved to be a box-office monster, buzzing to No. 1 and turning its competition inside out.

Granted, Coco’s tally didn’t exactly soar to infinity and beyond. Pixar’s latest film made another brave showing, but it only collected an estimated $18.3 million—a pretty low tally for a weekend winner. Still, in an era where the economic duration of most films coincides with an average bug’s life, the three-week-old Coco feels pretty strong at this geriatric stage of its being: If it is a dinosaur, it’s a good dinosaur indeed.

Coco topped Justice League for the third straight week, leaving the superhero clique languishing in second. But Batman, Wonder Woman et al. still charmed enough moviegoers to add another $9.6 million to its cumulative domestic tally to $212.1 million. Add the whopping $400 million it has made overseas, and Justice League’s bottom line looks just fine. Superman may be able to afford to finish his Fortress of Solitude basement, after all.

Wonder finished just behind Justice League, raking in another $8.5 million to cross the $100 million mark overall ($100.3 million, if you want to know). Meanwhile, newly minted Golden Globe nominee The Disaster Artist increased its theater presence from 19 to 840, earning $6.4 million en route for fourth. The durable Thor: Ragnarok closed out the top five with $6.3 million.

What’s that, you say? No new movies in the top five again? Only too true. Just Getting Started was the weekend’s only new release, and it earned just $3.2 million and finished 10th—well outside the top five. (And, having seen the movie myself, I’m pretty sure most of those $3.2 million-worth of moviegoers will be asking for refunds.)

Next week, though, the box office could be, ahem, forced into a little shakeup.

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