Coco Tops the Box Office Again

Coco movie monday

Thanksgiving is long gone. But at the movies, we’re still dealing with leftovers.

With Hollywood pivoting toward awards season, no major movies were released wide this week, leaving the box-office field in the domain of long-in-the-tooth holdovers. Indeed, the top five was a complete clone of last week’s.

Coco topped the weekend’s box-office tourney, collecting $26.1 million and bringing its total North American tally to $108.7 million. Add another $171 million from overseas, and Coco is giving Disney and Pixar something to sing about.

In second, Justice League gathered another $16.6 million to its marbled halls—perhaps not quite enough to buy Wonder Woman an invisible jet, but certainly enough to keep the Batmobile in unleaded for a while. Justice League’s total domestic tally now stands at a batarang under $200 million—$197.3 million, to be precise—and it’s now 10th among the year’s highest-grossing movies.

Wonder spent a second straight week at No. 3, banking a reasonably wonder-ful $12.5 million. It beat out Thor: Ragnarok ($9.7 million), which naturally settled for Thorth—er, fourth. Daddy’s Home 2 closed out the top five with $7.5 million.

The entertainment industry is always interested in how much money a movie makes at the box office, of course. But we’re also starting to see some awards hopefuls land in a few theaters here and there, prepping for their Oscar runs. Two Oscarbait flicks, Lady Bird and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, finished in a dead head for seventh place, both earning about $4.5 million. (Early estimates have Lady Bird with an ever-so-slight lead.)

The Disaster Artist opened in just 19 theaters, but still finished in the top 12 with $1.2 million. That’s a sky-high $64,254-per-theater average, in case you’re curious. (For the sake of comparison, Coco’s per-theater average was $6,550, about a tenth of The Disaster Artist.) But even that per-theater average looked pretty soggy compared to that of The Shape of Water. Sure, this merman-woman love story finished 19th with a mere $166,800—but it opened in just two theaters. Two! Do the math, and each one of those theaters banked $83,400.

Wonder Wheel, Woody Allen’s newest flick, finished 20th,  just behind The Shape of Water, with $140,555 in five theaters.

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