Crazy Rich Asians Scores Sane Rich Weekend


We’ve officially hit the August movie doldrums. All the high-profile summer blockbusters have come and gone. Oscar hopefuls and holiday flicks are back stage still, biding their time. Kids are vacating their vacations and going back to school, and studios are pumping the theaters full of cinematic afterthoughts.

But even so, there’s still money to be made.

Case in point: Crazy Rich Asians, a groundbreaking (and, according to Adam Holz’s review, problematic but surprisingly sweet) romantic comedy that pushed to a five-day, $34 million opening—including an estimated $25.2 million for the traditional three-day weekend. Sure, we’re not talking Infinity War numbers, here, but the take was more than enough to give Crazy a box-office win.

The Meg, last week’s champ, chomped another $21.2 million, but still sank to second behind the Crazy comedic onslaught. The prehistoric fish flick has now paddled to $83.8 million overall—not too shabby for a shark thought to have gone extinct.

Another newcomer, Mile 22, fell a bit off the pace set by studio prognosticators, earning $13.6 million for a third-place finish.

Yet another freshman film, Alpha, was fighting tooth-and-claw with Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout for fourth place as of this writing. Each made around $10.5 million, according to early guesses, which means we’ll have to wait for the final figures to cement the weekend’s top five.

But whatever movie comes out on top, each can at least rest easy knowing it outperformed Kevin Spacey’s latest flick—the ironically named Billionaire Boys Club. Spacey’s career has obviously cratered in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment against him, and Billionaire was released in just eight theaters. But $618? For the whole weekend? That means that each theater sold about six tickets, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

But here’s the good news for Spacey and Co. If it improbably keeps playing in those eight theaters and holds onto its audience week after week, Billionaire Boys Club will earn its titular billion dollars in (whips out calculator) … about  31,117 years, eight months. See? No problem.

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