Fallen Kingdom Burns up the Box Office Again

jurassic world 2

Every dinosaur has its day, they say. Or, in the case of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, about 10 of ’em … and counting.

Fallen Kingdom scored its second straight box-office win this weekend, collecting an estimated $60 million in North America and pushing its total domestic gross to $264.8 million. Count up the cash it has taken overseas, and Universal Pictures’ dynamic dinos are nearing $1 billion worldwide (about $932.4 million as of this press date). That might be just enough to genetically engineer a new breed of dinosaur: A tycoonosaurus, maybe. Or a bankiraptor. Casheceratops, maybe? Dino-wrangler Owen Grady could name it “Green.”

But Fallen Kingdom didn’t exactly leave its competition in the primordial dust. Another cinematic titan, Incredibles 2, finished a very respectable second with about $45.6 million in weekend receipts. The Pixar film has now earned $439.7 million in three weeks of work—making it already the second-highest grossing film in the Pixar stable  (behind Finding Dory with $486.3 million), according to Box Office Mojo. Oh, and it’s third on the all-time animated list, too, trailing Dory and, oddly, Shrek 2 ($441.2 million). (Yeah, you may still have “Let It Go” on permanent repeat in you minivan, but Frozen’s just sixth on the all-time animated list with $400.7 million. Go figure.)

A couple of newcomers come next in our weekly countdown. Sicario: Day of the Soldado landed in third place with $19 million, while the geriatric basketball comedy Uncle Drew took fourth with $15.5 million (about one-tenth of what basketball star LeBron James gets for signing with the Los Angeles Lakers). Ocean’s 8 closes out the top five with $8 million.

Can Fallen Kingdom make it three in a row? I think not. These prehistoric titans are about to get a new contender: A really, really small one.

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