Get Out Climbs Into No. 1


We all knew that the box office tourney would be a tight one this week. And it certainly didn’t disappoint. But when all the receipts were counted, The LEGO Batman Movie managed to grapple hook itself to the top of the charts for the third straight weekend.

Yes, you heard that right. Despite stiff competition from the new horror/comedy Get Out, LEGO Batman scaled to—er, come again?

Oh, apologies! Read the wrong envelope there. No, looks like Get Out, the new horror/comedy, wound up winning the weekend. And frankly, it wasn’t even that close. Comedian Jordan Peele’s directorial debut raked in an estimated $30.5 million, compared to LEGO Batman’s $19 million. Given that Universal Pictures allegedly spent $4.5 million to make the thing, those are some pretty serious bucks.

LEGO Batman did still finish in second place, though, and its weekend take officially made it the young year’s highest-grossing film. LEGO Batman has now earned $133 million, pushing past Split’s $130.1 million. Time to buy a new blocky Bat Sub, I’d say.

John Wick: Chapter Two staggered to No. 3 with $9 million, staving off Matt Damon’s The Great Wall, which finished fourth ($8.7 million). Fifty Shades Darker closed out the Top Five with a $7.7 million weekend.

“But Paul!” you say. “Get Out wasn’t the only new movie this week. Where were the other two?”

Here, take this pair of metaphorical binoculars. Now, look way, way, waaay down the box office list. See them? Rock Dog, a mostly inoffensive cartoon comedy, earned just $3.7 million—enough, perhaps, to buy a very nice LEGO Batman set—and found itself perched at No. 11. And while you might think that was a very bad beginning, Rock Dog performed far better than Collide. True to its name, the ridiculous flick crashed and burned, banking just $1.5 million to finish 13th. Sometimes, it seems, bad movies get what they deserve.

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Caleb Brink More than 1 year ago
The beginning of this post was great (so was the rest of it)!  Laughed out loud!