Grindelwald Grabs Gold


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald stole the box-office championship win this weekend, snatched an estimated $62.2 million in North America. (We won’t blame the movie’s notoriously sticky-pawed Niffler, but its presence couldn’t have hurt.) That’s about $13 million less than its predecessor pitchforked into its own monetary barn, but still certainly enough to keep the movie’s gigantic Kelpie in fish food for … well, an hour or two.

But while Grindelwald might’ve underperformed a bit stateside, it sparkled overseas like a supercharged Wouzu: It collected $191 million in 79 markets internationally—more than three times what it earned in North America—bringing Grindelwald’s overall bank to $253 million. Time to crack open an account at Gringott’s, apparently.

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch, last week’s tree-topper, might’ve been knocked off its mighty mountain perch, but it still sledded into second place with a $38.2 million weekend. That brings its total Whoville haul to more than $126.5 million. That’ll make its makers’ hearts grow three sizes, methinks.

Bohemian Rhapsody, also a former No. 1 film, slipped to third this week with $15.7 million. That performance kept a couple of newcomers farther down the charts: Instant Family, a very sweet and surprisingly foul comedy starring Mark Wahlberg, notched just a fourth-place finish in its debut with $14.7 million. Widows, a rare Oscar-bait heist flick, closed out the top five with $12.3 million.

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charitysplace 24 days ago
For me, Fantastic Beasts 2 was a hot mess. Too many characters, very little character development (followed by massive info dumps), the narrative was not smooth, and Rowling gave most of her characters (including Grindelwald) very little to do until the end. While I appreciated the "fan-service" appearances of McGonagall (who wasn't even born yet, so I really hope that McGonagall is her mother ;) and Nicholas Flamel, neither added to the plot. Newt became a subplot in his own movie. Queenie's actions were out of character in contrast to the first film. It made the editor in me sad, because I saw glints of a spectacular fantasy underneath all the disjointed plot lines.
[removed] 23 days ago
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charitysplace 22 days ago

Credence's parentage is likely a lie. Grindelwald wants him to kill Dumbledore for him, and that's the way to accomplish it.

Glad you enjoyed it.
Anonymous 25 days ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

Still impatiently waiting for Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse and Aquaman to come out...
[removed] 24 days ago
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Anonymous 23 days ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

How do you not know who Aquaman is? Have you never seen Super Friends? :D

Regarding Spider-Man, I personally love the animation of the new movie (and I know I’m not alone when I say that), and I love what the trailers have offered so far, especially Nicholas Cage as Nior Spider-Man! Also, if you think the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies are the best, you really should check out the new PS4 game, because as great as all the Spider-Man movies are in some way or another, the new game makes all of the movies look like Swiss cheese.

As for Crimes if Grindelwald, I’ve never been a fan of Harry Potter. It’s not that I don’t like the franchise and I probably would be willing to give it a try one day, but my parents never supported Harry Potter and never let it into our house. So until I’m out on my own and paying my own rent, HP is a no go for me.
Anonymous 23 days ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

Well, Super Friends was a pretty corny show to begin with. It’s a good thing the.m new Aquaman is steering clear of the Super Friends incarnation.

And at the very least the animation for this new Spider-Man is better than the animation in The Boss Baby (downright ugly if you ask me; one the main reasons I never saw it).

Also, there are 6 Spider-Man characters in the film. I counted them for you.