Happy Death Day Wins the Weekend

It’s been a bad year financially at the box office. A gigantic horror show, some might say. So maybe it’s only fitting that horror movies have been among the year’s only bright spots—financially speaking, at least.

The grotesque genre continued its horrific hot streak this weekend with the debut of Happy Death Day, which blew out the candles on the competition. It collected an estimated $26.5 million, already five times more than its creators allegedly spent making the thing.

Blade Runner 2049 couldn’t replicate that kind of success and slipped to second place, collecting $15.1 million. It finds itself on the flip side of Death Day’s success, in a way: a movie that cost $150 million to make (not counting marketing) which has earned just $60.6 million (domestically) so far. Granted, it has earned another $98 million overseas, which might make the folks at Warner Bros. feel, oh, K.

Another newcomer, Jackie Chan’s The Foreigner, also surpassed expectations. On a weekend that saw four new films in wide release, The Foreigner proved to be the second-best freshman, earning $12.8 million. It doubled the money of fourth-place IT, which dragged another $6.1 million into its cash-filled sewer. The Mountain Between Us, meanwhile, took home another $5.7 million to close out the top five.

The other newcomers didn’t fare quite as well. A quick sampling: Marshall earned about $3 million in a little more than 800 theaters, while Professor Marston & the Wonder Women managed just $700,000 in more than 1,200—which works out to a dismal per-theater average of $600. Finally, Goodbye Christopher Robin, a film that played in just nine theaters before rolling wider this week, earned $55,000.

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