Hilarious Video Shows How Social Media Can Ruin Your Best Moments

John Crist, "The Perfect Instagram Proposal"

Contrary to how it feels at times, social media is not the worst thing ever. It won’t steal your lunch (most days). It doesn’t wear your favorite outfit (except on occasion). It can’t steal your soul (…we’re pretty sure).

But that doesn’t mean all is gravy. Because it still might ruin your cute engagement story.

As I’ve talked about before, I have a Love/Hate relationship with social media. It helps pay my bills (thanks, Facebook!), it connects me with high-profile individuals (here’s to you, David Denman!), and it gives me an outlet for my nerdier tendencies (Office Spidey for the win!).

However in all things, we need moderation. Social media is no exception. Often times we recognize that with sobering statistics, but today we’re recognizing it with a healthy dose of good-natured ribbing via comedian John Crist. He decided that Valentine’s Day would be a great day to explore the pitfalls of trying to get engaged in the Valencia-tinted Age of Instagram.


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