Vodcast, Episode II: How Young is Too Young for Star Wars?

How Young Is Too Young for Star Wars? - The Force Awakens

If you haven’t noticed, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is all set to, ahem, awaken the box office. In fact, thanks to Paul, you can already read our (spoiler free!) review here.

The resurgence of Star Wars fever in culture thanks to this latest installment in the franchise brings up a lot of great questions. Great questions that deserve great answers. To help bring you great Star Wars answers, I asked you to share your Star Wars questions and you did not disappoint. You asked some great Star Wars questions.

So, to help connect you with great Star Wars answers, Paul, Adam, and I have tackled your burning Star Wars questions (did I mention they were great?) in this LOL-worthy vodcast including…

– Which Star Wars movie should be watched first?

– Which droid is our favorite (and what are our other favorite things from Star Wars)?

And, most importantly…

– How young is too young to watch Star Wars?

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