Identifying With Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus is no stranger to the Plugged In blog. She has been the topic of many conversations here. In fact, now that you mention it, we even talked about her yesterday. (Thanks, Adam!)

But as much as she comes up, what sparks our conversation is less about her, specifically, and more about the mirror she holds up to the culture—sometimes intentionally and, other times, unintentionally.

Paul, Adam, and myself have all covered Miley in the past (like here, here, and here, to name just a few), and so we wanted to sit down and talk about what she had to say about her time as Hannah Montana and how it applies to all of us who are growing up and living in today’s high pressure, image-driven, social media-obsessed culture. With Miley’s next turn at hosting the MTV Video Music Awards coming up this weekend, we hope this will add to any conversations that may come up with your friends and family (and us!) about the perennially-controversial Miss Cyrus.

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Jake Roberson is Plugged In’s social media manager and strategist. He’s the father of four children and husband of one wife, and he quite likes life that way. He also likes writing about entertainment, pop culture, dadhood … and food. He’s also a former Guinness World Record holder for participating in the largest hacky sack circle. Catch up with him on Twitter @jake_roberson

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Cj .J .R. More than 1 year ago
 great perspective when we view others through the eyes of Christ >>>>>>>
Cj .J .R. More than 1 year ago
profound truth