Impossible Franchise Refuses to Take Vacation


Mission: impossible? When it comes to collecting cash from weekend moviegoers, call it mission: inevitable.

Riding Tom Cruise’s seemingly eternally young coattails, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation grabbed hold of the speeding box office and held on for dear life as the thing rose into the clear, blue air. Cruise’s latest turn as superspy Ethan Hunt grossed a tidy $56 million (estimated, of course) to claim the weekend’s box office crown. That’s the biggest opening-weekend haul for an M:I movie since Mission: Impossible 2. Good thing for the Impossible Mission Force, too: Those rubber masks don’t come cheap.

Ethan Hunt may be the hardest working man in the spy business, so maybe it’s appropriate that his overtime heroics spoiled at least one Vacation. The R-rated comedy fronted by Ed Helms finished in the rather ignominious second slot, banking a mere $14.9 million and falling woefully short of predictions. (Even conservative prognosticators thought the flick would make at least $27 mil.)

Ant-Man, the box office’s two-time defending champ, slipped to third under the onslaught of these newcomers. The diminutive superhero movie earned $12.6 million, barely staving off a challenge by those overall-wearing yellow urchins of Minions. Meanwhile, Pixels fell to fifth, collecting just $10.4 million worth of quarters. Looks like it might be game over for Adam Sandler’s retro comedy.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Impossible Franchise Refuses to Take Vacation cause only the movies that are produced by Cruise are the ones he can star in total crap movie again