Incredibles 2 Box Office Is Incredible Too

Disney is a little bit like Tom Brady: The iconic New England Patriots quarterback may have an off game every now and then, but you’d better watch out the next time he takes the field.

Likewise, the Mouse House suffered a rare whiff with Solo: A Star Wars Story, an expensive film that reportedly won’t cover its production and marketing costs. But if you’re worried about Uncle Walt’s bottom line, don’t be: Incredibles 2 nearly matched the Han Solo origin story’s four-week take ($192.8 million) in its first three days in theaters. Disney/Pixar’s sequel to 2004’s The Incredibles performed at a truly incredible level, raking in an estimated $183.2 million in its domestic debut—outpacing even the most optimistic projections.

That figure easily makes Incredibles 2 the biggest animated film launch of all time, blowing past the previous record holder, 2016’s Finding Dory, by nearly $50 million. Incredibles 2 also posted the eighth-best domestic opening ever, besting the likes of Captain America: Civil War ($179.1 million) and Beauty and the Beast ($174.7 million), making it the biggest bow for a PG film ever. In fact, Incredibles 2‘s first three days in theaters eclipsed the entire box-office take of three other Pixar films: A Bug’s Life, Cars 3 and The Good Dinosaur. Clearly the world just can’t get enough superheroes onscreen—even animated ones.

For those scoring at home, Box Office Mojo’s Brad Brevet reports, “When it comes to the largest opening weekends of all-time, Disney now owns nine of the top ten, the lone standout being … Jurassic World at number four.” (And Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther is currently crouching a mere whisker from the $700 million domestic mark at $699,615,354 after 18 weeks in theaters.)

Meanwhile, last week’s champ, Ocean’s 8, managed to nab another $19.6 million, good enough for runner-up honors in its second outing. The R-rated comedy TAG underwhelmed at $14.6 million to take the No. 3 position. The aforementioned Solo: A Star Wars Story clung to the No. 4 spot with an additional $9.1 million. And Fox’s Deadpool 2 rounded out the top five with $8.8 million, pushing its domestic cume to $294.7 million.

This week, however, sees the arrival of another fearsome flick that’s liable to take a bite out of everything at the Cineplex: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Look for our review around midday on Thursday.

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