Introducing Plugged In 4.0


Way, way back in the dark ages of the last millennium, Plugged In launched the first iteration of our website. The year was 1999, and The Matrix, Shakespeare in Love, American Beauty and Magnolia were among the films making headlines that year. Oh, and some of us were buying 5-gallon water jugs in preparation for Y2K. ‘Memba that? (I think I’ve still got some jugs in the shed if anyone needs them …)

Fast-forward to today, February 18, 2020. If you’ve logged on today, you might have noticed that Plugged In looks a bit different. Our newest site features all the content you’re used to seeing in a clean, streamlined design. You’ll also notice a link on the top nav bar to our new podcast, The Plugged In Show. If you haven’t checked it out yet, click on that link and listen to the first dozen of our lively conversations.

That’s just the beginning of what’s new here. Over the next couple of months, Plugged In will be adding new review sections that will focus on YouTube channels as well as giving you a better grip on what’s happening in the realm of technology. Other new features will include ways of helping you digest the content of our movie reviews, in particular, more quickly.

We’re excited about the future of Plugged In, and equally excited to invite you to check out our new site. And as we roll out new features, let us know what you would like to see. Our culture is always changing, and Plugged In will always change to keep pace.

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Anonymous 23 days ago
By CbinJ

And yet this new redesign still is garbage compared to the the website that was up around the late 2000s. You guys realize that you can’t search for a movie on your search bar? I tried looking up the review for the movie “Her”. I finally had to type in Joaquin Phoenix and it was still on the second or third page of results.

By CbinJ
Amanda Kos 3 months ago
I'd like to see a return of the cinematic rating in addition to the family friendliness rating.  Maybe if they were kept separate that would help families decide if they want to see a movie. Sometimes I'm busy and can't read through the whole article or watch a long video about the movie.  
Edna Konrad 3 months ago
I agree. That was a very helpful feature.
cowboystormchaser 3 months ago
Reviewing YouTube channels is a great idea.  I would like to see more frequent and consistent music reviews than what this site already posts, because I am a huge music junky.  
Melissa Farthing 3 months ago
Looks great!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Maybe all the live-action Disney haters will finally go away once and for all.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

Why would they leave? And what does them leaving have to do with Plugged In’s redesign?
Anonymous 3 months ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

Aw what's wrong? You can't stand the fact that people actually have an opinion that's different from yours?

And at least puppies and kitties serve a purpose more than just printing money for Disney.
Edna Konrad 3 months ago
Not going away until those movies become actually good, not just generic, corporate mediocrity.
The Mouse Of Non 3 months ago
Plugged In, the new design is awesome!! Keep up the good work!

Side Note: Will the blog be getting redesigned soon?
Paul Asay 3 months ago
Mouse, my understanding is that a redesign--and full integration of the blog into the wider site--is on its way! Hopefully sooner rather than later, but I don't think we have a timeline yet.

Steve McIrvin 3 months ago
Please review the new Amazon Prime TV show Hunters! Thanks!!
The Mouse Of Non 3 months ago
Awesome!! Thanks Mr. Paul!