Invisible Man Materializes at No. 1


You can’t actually see the Invisible Man, pretty much by definition. Which makes this weekend’s box-office champ a bit of a paradox.

Lots of people did see The Invisible Man (the movie, that is): about $29 million worth of people, in fact. That made It the weekend’s no-doubt No. 1 flick—the first horror film of the year to claim that honor. It didn’t, admittedly, have much to do with the H.G. Wells’ classic story: The focus was distinctly modern, topical and focused not on the titular man, but the woman being victimized by him. I guess the folks over at Blumhouse Productions felt as though you could go to the Wells once too often.

Sonic the Hedgehog slowed its roll a bit and sank to No. 2, earning $16 million along the way. The film has already made plenty of noise at the box office, earning $128 million in North America during its run thus far. It’s also made a shade more than that overseas, giving the video game adaptation a total gross of $265.5 million. Just call Sonic the little hedgehog that could.

Harrison Ford is now 77 years old, believe it or not. But the grizzled Hollywood vet can still carry a movie. Call of the Wild, based on a book even older than he is, finished third with $13.2 million. That kept, naturally, FUNimation’s upstart flick My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising out of the top three. But while FUNimation’s heroes couldn’t rise above fourth, don’t feel too bad for them. The movie will likely be the studio’s second-highest release of all time, according to Box Office Mojo, right behind last year’s Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Bad Boys for Life continues to hang out in the top five, clearing another $4.3 million and cementing its place as 2020’s biggest movie thus far. Bad Boys has cleared $194.2 million domestically, putting it well ahead of Sonic the Hedgehog for the honors.

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Anonymous 26 days ago
Saw Call of the Wild and thought it was a cute, funny, sweet adventure story with unbelievably realistic looking CGI. The CGI was so lifelike in fact that I say if computers can continue to make animals this way then God bless computers and forget about training real animals to do the job. I wasn't familiar with the story beforehand having not read the book before (White Fang, yes, Call of the Wild, nope) so I was shocked and surprised about many things along the way, especially in the last 15 minutes or so, but all in all I really enjoyed the story it had to tell, and like I said the CGI was just fantastic so that definitely helped with my enjoyment. Highly recommended for sure.
Chuck Anziulewicz 26 days ago
I've been hearing good things about "Invisible Man" and will probably see it within the next few days. The other movies mentioned don't interest me. I saw a trailer for "Call of the Wild," and it sure didn't look like the book I was so fond of when I was a child. And Buck the St. Bernard was too obviously CGI for my taste.