It’s Been a Hoot!


Packing stuff to move stinks. It’s not any fun, lugging heavy bins back and forth that are filled with items we probably don’t even need.

 Over the past few weeks I’ve been shuddering at the thought of how much money my wife and I have spent on plastic storage bins. We’re on a first-name-basis with the fellows at the local charity drop-off. But we’ve never actually figured out if we’re allowed to toss these old dried-up paint cans from the garage in with the weekly trash pick-up. At work, I got so tired of it all that right at the tail-end of packing up my personal belongings from my cubicle, I simply dumped the pencil drawer in a bin, loose change and all, and slapped the lid on it.

I hadn’t even gotten to the whole “virtual” packing and moving issue. Do I delete all my personal pictures from my work computer or just leave ’em to enlighten the next user? Does everybody have the passwords and files they’ll need to continue working as normal? What am I forgetting? Who am I not notifying?

It’s exhausting.

So here’s the deal: After 20 years of not living in the same town as even one extended family member, my wife and I are making the “big move.” Once our daughter was born, that started the wheels in motion. She’s 2 now, and our little family of three (five if you count two cats) is Ohio bound. Ohio’s where it all started for us, and now it’s the spot we’re headed back to.

We’ve missed a whole slew of family gatherings for birthdays, graduations, surgeries and new babies. We made the occasional trip back East for a Christmas here and a 50th wedding anniversary there. Phone calls, emails, Facebook and Skype are all ways to stay connected, but if you ask Grammy, none of those are getting the job done.

So it’s now a new chapter for the Simpsons. What used to be a two-day, 22-hour drive across 6 states will be reduced to a 20-minute commute across town. We can do the drop-in unannounced on whatever family member we feel like annoying on the spur of the moment. I’ll be able to borrow stuff from my dad that he’ll never see again! We are certainly looking forward to the many joys of having family close by.

But it’s hard to walk away from a job that I love. Working as a designer, gamer and blogger for Plugged In has been the highlight of my professional career. I’ve learned all sorts of things from my co-workers who I’m happy to say became my friends. Thanks Plugged In.

Goodbye, Colorado. It’s been a hoot.

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Graphic Designer for PLUGGEDIN.COM. Cutting his design teeth at Scripture Press/Cook Communications, Kevin brings years of ministry and freelance experience to Plugged In's visual presentation. He also analyzes video games for our reviews and contributes an occasional blog.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago

Kevin, you will be missed.

Wondering if your successor (not replacement!) will be named Bob.  You guys could use another one ;^).

God Bless.

Jonathan Henry More than 1 year ago

Good luck!

Anna Salisbury More than 1 year ago

Been there done that! :) Best wishes and God bless!