Joker Makes Another Killing (at the Box Office)

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Throughout his long history, the Joker has never been particularly fond of a certain Dynamic Duo. But the Ace of Knaves could get used to this sort of doublet.

Warner Bros.’ Joker did a classic double take this weekend—absconding with a second-straight box-office victory and raking in an estimated $55 million stateside. That pushes its total tally to a titanic $192.7 million in North America, making Joker the eighth-biggest film of the year. By next weekend, it could potentially pass up another creepy clown movie (IT Chapter Two) and move into seventh place. Can’t beat those magic flowers with a stick.

And while the Joker  himself tends to stay put in Gotham City, his origin movie travels just fine. It collected $123.7 million overseas this weekend, which pushes the film’s total worldwide gross to $543.9 million. Who’s laughing now, we ask? Warner Bros., that’s who.

Joker stole that second win despite facing a trio of newcomers.

The Addams Family got its own animated origin story this year and proved to be the most frightening competition the freshmen had to offer. It snapped up $30.3 million stateside and lurched to second place. Meanwhile, Will Smith’s Gemini Man rumbled into third place with around $20.5 million. It’s the second Smith-fronted film to land in the top five this year, the first being Disney’s Aladdin (of course).

The less we say about Jexi, the weekend’s third major newcomer, the better. The film, based on the exploits of a pushy Siri/Alexa knockoff and her phone-addled owner, fell into the box-office toilet—earning just $3.1 million to finish ninth. That’s hardly enough to pay the roaming charges.

Add the money from all three of these newcomers together, though, and it still wouldn’t be enough to equal Joker’s weekend take.

The animated Abominable is still stomping around the top five, earning another $6.2 million for fourth place. And Downton Abbey enjoyed another spot of tea in fifth, collecting $4.9 million. Downton has now earned $82.7 million—just about enough to pay the heating bill for the titular country house. At least, if everyone wears sweaters.

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Anonymous 11 months ago
Posted by First Comment Guy

It's been an overall okay year for Warner Bros. While their small budget films have mostly performed well enough, their blockbusters this year have been a mixed bag. Of the six they've released, four of them have either disappointed financially (Shazam and Detective Pikachu) or have outright flopped (LEGO 2 and Godzilla 2). In Shazam and Pikachu's case, they performed well enough for their budgets, but they overall weren't the blockbusters that WB were hoping they would be (but hey, that's what happens when your movies open so close to Endgame). At least WB is ending the year on a couple high notes with IT: Chapter 2 and Joker, with the latter already making over half a billion in just 10 days.

With Joker already at over $500 million worldwide with a potential outcome of making +$750 million by the end of its run, it'll be interesting to see if Warner Bros and DC will overtake Disney's Marvel universe come 2020 and onwards (Black Widow and Eternals will perform well enough, but I don't think they'll outgross Wonder Woman 1984).