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Many of us have spent several days now cooped up at home, trying to keep our children busy, due to the coronavirus. And with most movie theaters closed, Plugged In has shifted in some new directions in the last seven days—namely, reviewing more family-friendly streaming fare—to give you the information you need to make the best entertainment decisions possible for your family. We’ll continue combing through Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple+, as well as cable and broadcast networks, to identity movies and shows that your family might enjoy.

But we know that this time isn’t all about what to watch on TV. For many families, this can be a time of uncertainty and even fear—especially for little ones—and that brings with it a whole new layer of parentings challenges. So we also wanted to make you aware of some other terrific resources and articles being offered by our parent ministry, Focus on the Family.

Plugged In is a part of Focus’ parenting ministry. And our vice president, Danny Huerta, has just filmed this video, “7 Ways to Parent Effectively During the Coronavirus Outbreak.”


There’s lots of talk about the virus’ potential effects that could be pretty scary for little hearts. To help you navigate those conversations, check out our article “Talking With Kids About the Coronavirus.”

As I write this article in my downstairs office, I can hear my own three kiddos beginning to stir upstairs. Like many of you, my wife and I have had to work on creating the right balance between getting work done at home and being available to our children—a balancing act that can at times feel like a hard one to get right. If you’re in that spot as well, our article “Staying Sane While Working From Home With Kids” offers some concrete counsel for, well, staying sane right now.

One positive change that families are likely experiencing is the ability to eat meals together. That’s a good thing, of course. But we might also feel as if we’re running out of conversation ideas after being cooped up with each other for a long stretch. If so, “50 Questions to Ask Your Kids at the Dinner Table” can be a great conversation catalyst for our coronavirus convocation. You might also consider “50 Games and Activities to Do With Your Kids.”

Finally, for more than three decades, Focus on the Family’s audio program Adventures in Odyssey has been warming the hearts of generations of fans. To learn more about how you can listen, go to, where you’ll find a link to a free four-week trial to our Odyssey Adventure Club. Oh, and you may not have known this, but Plugged In’s Bob Hoose has been working with Odyssey even longer than he’s been a part of our team, producing and directing hundreds of fantastic episodes of this beloved program.

As we move forward in this uncertain time, Plugged In and Focus on the Family will continue to do our best to point you and your family toward entertainment, activities and encouragement to help pass the days, deepen your relationships and help your family’s faith grow, too.

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