Movie Monday: Cop Out


Sure, Shutter Island may have lost nearly 50% of its box-office take in a week. Sure, it might’ve made just $22.2 million—less than Avatar has probably earned through themed lunchbox sales.

But it was still enough to push the Martin Scorsese thriller to the top of the movie heap again, besting newcomers Cop Out ($18.6 million) and The Crazies ($16.5 million).

All three films are rated R, and all seem largely geared toward moviegoing men. Cop Out whittles that demographic into a narrower swathe—old-as-dirt moviegoing men like me who can still hum the theme music from Beverly Hills Cop if asked. (Axel F, anyone?)

If that’s the case, they missed the mark—at least with me. The Kevin Smith-helmed Cop Out is an extended homage to the buddy-cop movies of the 1980s, only with fewer mullets and more swearing. It’s a strange thing to pay homage to, frankly. I grew up in the 1980s, and I never felt any particular nostalgia for the genre. And even if I did, I’d want a better homage than this.

Major film studios apparently assume that children hibernate this time of year: Why else would they release movies—albeit three very different movies— that essentially target the same demographic? If families were prone to brave the cold, harsh winter and go see something, you’d think studios would make more money if they gave them something to see. Don’t you think?

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago

Comment by  andy3193:

I will have to agree that there have been a lot of r rated movies coming out lately and there probably should be more kids movies. That being said I have like all these movies. I liked daybreakers, legion, shutter island, and cop out. The book of eli was probably the best movie of the year so far.