Media Habits of a Grown-up


Here’s a question I’ve been pondering this week: How do our media habits change as we get older? It’s a question that was spurred by a conversation I had with a friend a couple nights ago. My friend Brent is in his mid-30s and is a video game aficionado. Whenever we get together, I always […]

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Digitally Distracted


It sounds like angels are bowling five feet above my head today. OK, it’s actually roofers working on our office building. But the distracting racket is enough to bring everyone’s productivity to a near standstill every few minutes. Truth be told, though, I’m already pretty distracted. Deadlines. Email. Voice mail. Facebook. It’s a litany of […]

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Movie Monday: Cowboys & Smurfs


You’d think the shootout would’ve been a forgone conclusion. Cowboys & Aliens had all the star power, all the firepower and some serious buzz. It had James Bond, Indiana Jones and a load of nasty aliens. Who would’ve thought it could’ve been challenged by a bunch of modified cartoon characters just three apples high? When […]

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Oh, Cry Me a Movie


What’s the saddest movie ever? Bambi? Old Yeller? Transformers: Dark of the Moon? Pish. Don’t make the science guy over there in the corner laugh. Oh, sure, those movies might be sad. They might even make some folks shed a tear or two. But if you want to see something that’ll reliably make you bawl […]

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Techin’ in the Boys Room


I remember the day—many moons back when I was in high school—when the school administration announced that they were going to sanction a certain outdoor spot behind the school as a “smoking area.” Now, not being a smoker, it didn’t really matter much to me. (I mean, my parents were smokers and at home I […]

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Friendly Fire


In my spare time, I enjoy jamming a bit on my electric guitar—as well as reading about others who share that interest. And as I was perusing the September issue of Guitar World recently, I came across a question-and-answer interview with Chris Rubey, lead guitar player for the popular Christian metalcore band Devil Wears Prada. […]

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Getting Your 15 Minutes of Owl


So you’ve given up on your dream of being the next web-discovered pop phenom. And you’ve wisely backed away from trying to wow ’em with some kind of set-yourself-on-fire-and-jump-off-the-roof YouTube vid. But fear not, there are still plenty of ways to display your … well, let’s call it creativity, and get that promised 15 minutes […]

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The Pen Behind Pooh


About a week ago, I had a chance to talk by phone with Mark Henn. Never heard of him? Not surprising, perhaps, but I’m almost certain you’ve seen his work. Henn is one of the top animators at Walt Disney Studios, working on almost every 2-D American animated movie of consequence for the last 30 […]

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