“What Video Games Did He Play?”


 “What video games did he play? How often did he play?” asks former FBI agent Robert Paquette in regards to Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza’s exposure to video games.

It’s pretty telling when guys from the top crime-solving agencies in America have that query pretty high up on their list of questions to ask when investigating a shooting spree.

Not everyone who plays video games becomes a cold-blooded mass murderer. But these days most cold-blooded mass murderers have indeed played video games. In particular, violent ones. I didn’t coin the phrase. I’ve just heard it time and again because it seems like every time I turn around there’s breaking news of yet another random shooting at a school, mall or public place.

When there’s a constant ingredient in a recipe that always makes the final dish a disaster, then maybe it’s time to remove that ingredient in the preparation process. Obviously violent video games aren’t going to be “removed” from the entertainment industry, but what can be removed is the lack of knowledge that parents have when it comes to what video games their kids are playing.

All of this mayhem has caused quite a heated discussion about gun control and mental health, and by all means it should. But no one should be crying foul when the subject shifts to entertainment. It’s too big of a deal to let completely off the hook.

If parents are fully engaged in every aspect of their children’s lives, their entertainment choices included, then that’s one step closer to a dish well served. The experts see fit to ask. So how about you? Do you know what game your kid is currently playing?

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